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Telephone Dream Meaning

The phone / smartphone in a dream is a message symbol. As the dream book says, it indicates the need for social contact.

telehpne smartfon dream mean

What Does Dreaming About Telehpne Mean?

Talking on the phone

If you dream that you are talking on the phone, it refers to your contact with other people and receiving the required information. This is a sign of the need to get new messages.

It can also refer to a person in your daily life with whom you have established a good relationship. A dream means that information is available to you, but you do not know it yet.

It is also important who you talk to on the phone and who is calling whom.

To call somebody

If you dream that you are calling someone, the dream focuses on the message that you would like to convey to someone.

to call somebody dream

Problem with the phone

A sign that you are frustrated and need help.

Mobile phone

When you don’t answer the phone, it indicates your fear or inhibition to make contact.

In addition, the phone is a communication device and a symbol of your contact with the environment. As the dream book suggests, when you use your phone a lot in your sleep, it is a sign of active contact with the environment or a signal that you want more of this contact.

A dream about a cell phone symbolizes unexpected, urgent matters. The dream interpretation says that soon you will have new responsibilities, for which no one will reward you additionally.

Broken phone

A damaged or neglected phone means poor contact or your loneliness. However, if these problems can be fixed in a dream, it means that you are trying to fix them in your life as well.

broken smartfon dream

Call to the phone

When someone calls you on the phone, it foreshadows that you will cope in your unconscious life with the refusal or consent that you will receive in your professional or private life, or you have already received.

Numbers that need to be interpreted may play a role. It could also be a real phone number and then it is a signal that you should contact that person to help or seek help from them. Stay alert.

Look for a phone number

You have difficulty staggering your thoughts for the future. The telephone can also say a lot about private relations and it is then important what is said.

If your phone is ringing, it means that someone is calling you.

Phone call from a deceased person

It indicates our longing for the deceased and regret for his loss. It may mean that we are unable to cope with sadness, or it may mean that we will fear for the health of our loved ones.

See the phone

When you see a phone in a dream, it means that you will meet someone who will not be completely honest with you.

Disconnecting the phone

The dream of disconnecting the phone call announces your participation in a joyful meeting.

Make a mistake while dialing a number

When you make a mistake in your dream while dialing a number, it also actually foreshadows you incorrectly made call.

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