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Door Dream Meaning

In men’s dreams, a door can represent a fascination with a woman. A door can also mean a change between two areas or people, announcing the entry into a new stage of life, for example puberty and adulthood.

Open door

If the door is open, it indicates sexual attraction or sexual abuse. The open door indicates that you can confidently go to your destination.

Closed door

Locked doors or those that you cannot open, as the dream suggests, indicate obstacles.

A door that opens by itself

When you dream that the door is opening by itself, it is a sign that you are too shy about solving problems.

A door without a handle

When a door without a handle appears in your dream, it portends you a situation with no way out. Dream interpretation warns that you may find yourself between the hammer and the anvil.

Glass door

Glazed doors or glass doors indicate success and business success.

Revolving doors

The revolving door signals that you will finally have to make a postponed decision.

Walk through the door

When you dream that you are walking through a door, it means that you are afraid of new challenges.
If you walk through an open door, you are going to be on your own.

Closed door

This is a sign that you need to pay more attention to self-defense.
If you are faced with closed doors, it means that you are not in contact with people around you.

Run through the door

Running through the door indicates a desire to solve some problems.

Knock on the door

When you dream that you are knocking on the door, it indicates some external situation.

The door in the house

They point to the genitals and have sexual connotations.

Open the door

If you open a door and walk through it, it means that you will have to run away from enemies.

Room with many doors

A room with many doors is a sign that you need to be wary of speculation as you are in danger of losing your capital.

Problems opening the door

When you dream that you cannot open the door, it portends that you are in for a serious difficulty.

Broken door

This means that you are threatened by evil forces. The dream book states that it can also be a sign that guilt is a bad counselor for you.

Someone opens the door

If you dream that a person of the opposite sex is opening a door, it means that you want to have someone or feel sexual attraction.

When a person of the opposite sex sneaks in through a door, it’s a signal that you feel like cheating.

The door to the house

Sexual needs.

Open the door with the key

Don’t hide anything from your loved one.

Walk through the door

New perspectives.

Go out through the door

You will close some stage of your life forever.

The open door

A visit from a family member that will please you.

Doors open wide

Sudden profit.

Door ajar

Time of lull and waiting.

Old doors

Sad message from a friend.

Beautiful and ornate doors

Soon you will meet a joyful, extraordinary event.

Creaking door

Business problems.

Corridor with many doors

Before you make a decision, you have several choices.

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