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Disease Dream Meaning

This dream may appear if you are really sick or it may be a harbinger of real health problems. Dream interpretation requires caution.
However, it usually indicates an inner tear, suffering, although you may not be aware of it. Painful memories, anger, and personal difficulties can manifest themselves in a dream as illness.

This may mean that you are unable to find the strength within you to overcome difficulties.

Disease of a loved one

Illness may indicate a need for protection and help or your fear of death, but most often it means you feel unsure or guilty. It almost always shows some lack of spiritual life.

Heart disease

If you dream about a heart disease, in the dream book we will find information that the problem concerns your emotional sphere, if you dream about an eye disease, it may mean that you should notice the presence of people in your life.

To be sick

If you dream that you are sick, it means that you have lost your mental or emotional balance and have problems that you have to deal with.

The illness of a loved one is a sign of impending trouble. The dream interpretation suggests that this is a tip to be more careful in private and professional life.

Visit a sick person

When you dream that you are visiting a sick person, the dream interpretation suggests that it is a sign that you are waking up with contacts that are badly affecting your psyche.

Look after the sick

If you are caring for a sick person, it means that you will soon be free from a toxic relationship. As indicated in the dream book, on a spiritual level, illness means a lack of spiritual clarity.

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