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Leg / Legs Dream Meaning

As the dream book says, this symbol is primarily sexual. Psychoanalysts often believe that sliding a foot into a shoe symbolizes the sexual act.

The dream book states that seeing nice legs means wanting to satisfy your sex drive, and a broken leg can mean betrayal, but many people find such explanations unconvincing.

According to the dream book, legs symbolize state, movement and progress, but also a step back in life.

They may mark your location, but it depends on the circumstances surrounding the dream.

The condition of your legs can mean that you are standing firmly on the ground and that you are aware of reality and also have a righteous point of view.

As the dream book suggests, it also indicates a movement into the future and good trends to change life. Sometimes it is a signal for you to learn about the situation in your current life and continue to develop.

Hence, you need to consider what happens to your legs in your sleep or how fast you are moving. The dream interpretation also emphasizes that the accompanying circumstances are also important.

What Does Dreaming About Leg Mean?

healthy legs dream

Healthy legs

Healthy legs indicate a sense of security and reality. They also mean that you are living under favorable conditions at the moment.

Legs with hair

The hair on the legs can symbolize our inner needs and instincts. The dream interpretation indicates that if they are long and clearly visible, it indicates our exuberant sexuality and erotic needs.

Strong legs

Strong legs mean your venture will be successful and you can be trusted.

Sick legs

Paralyzed legs mean you lack perseverance, fear and a sense of inferiority.

Leg movement

The movement of your legs can symbolize the way you approach current events.

When you dream that you are walking normally, it represents an opportunity for trust.

When you stumble, it indicates a problem with your progress.

Leg / Legs Dream Meaning
Leg / Legs Dream Meaning

Quick walk

It promises quick implementation of plans, but it can also alert you to too far-reaching ambitions.

Itchy feet

They can be a sign that you are worried about your current problem and are wasting your time and energy doing it.

Very swollen legs

They symbolize losses by inattention.

Very skinny legs

They mean betrayal.

Broken leg

A broken leg, a leg in plaster can tell you about obstacles that you will encounter on your way to your goal.
When you see in a dream that someone has a broken leg, it foreshadows your competition.

broken leg dream

Wooden leg

When you dream that you have a wooden leg, it means that you are feeling unwell because you know you cannot expect outside help.

Shapely legs

Shapely legs indicate repressed sexual needs or other erotic connotations.

See one leg

If you see only one leg in a dream, it means that you need to do something urgently.

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