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Betrayal Dream Meaning

The dream of betrayal should be treated as an excuse to reflect on our own emotions and what is happening in our immediate surroundings, especially in our relationship. But take it easy.

These types of dreams can cause anxiety, because betrayal is not associated well with anyone.

What Does Dreaming About Betrayal Mean?

However, dreams of treason can be interpreted in many different ways, and they do not necessarily mean that something unpleasant is ahead.

The dream of betrayal is most often an expression of hidden longings and desires. If we are cheating in a dream, probably our subconscious tells us that we are missing something in our current relationship.

Such a dream can be an excuse to start fighting the routine, which can be a silent relationship killer.

It should be remembered that the dream in which we are cheated can also be an expression of our low self-esteem.

In a dream, our partner chooses another person because, in our opinion, we are not enough for him, our beauty and intellect are not attractive enough, and in our own opinion we are worse than other people.

The betrayal of a man

betrayal of a man
The betrayal of a man

A dream in which a man close to you: a husband, fiancée or boyfriend committed a betrayal, paradoxically, may be a good omen for the future. Everything can turn out the way you want in different areas of life.

This type of dream portends the end of problems and a happy period in life.

Betrayal of a woman

A dream in which betrayal is committed by a woman close to us: a wife, fiancée or girlfriend, may herald professional problems.

In order to solve them, certain compromises in the private sphere will be necessary.

The dream about the betrayal committed by our beloved should not be interpreted literally, rather it is not a warning against the partner’s infidelity.

The betrayal of a man
The betrayal of a man

Betrayal of a friend

A dream in which we are betrayed by a friend can mean the beginning of trouble. Through this type of dream, our subconscious can warn us that we are not satisfied with our private life, it can be a source of more or less conscious frustration.

A dream of a friend’s betrayal may also herald changes in the relationship. Perhaps a friend is more to us than we think, but we are very reluctant to admit it. It is possible that for some time we have felt more than just sympathy for this person.

The feelings that arise in us, however, may be undesirable for many reasons, and this causes internal conflicts.

Betrayal seen in a dream

If the dreamer sees the act of treason exactly (e.g. a passionate kiss, sexual intercourse, etc.), it may mean that he feels underestimated by his surroundings. In extreme cases, such a dream may indicate that the dreamer perceives his surroundings as threatening his person, although seemingly friendly.

Discovery of betrayal

A dream in which we discover that someone has betrayed us (friend, partner) may be a call for more decisive action. Perhaps you have some plans, but you are afraid to implement them.

You wonder how others will perceive your behavior, how they will evaluate your projects, how they will react to your ideas. Everything indicates that your subconscious mind is giving you a signal that you can handle this situation and that you can go ahead and go to work. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter that much to you.

Betrayal Dream Meaning
Betrayal Dream Meaning

Betrayal planning

Such dreams can alert you to opponents. There may be someone in your environment who wishes you badly, and you subconsciously sense it and are afraid of this situation.

This type of dream can be a clue not to trust people you know briefly or those who have damaged your trust before.

Accusation of treason

A dream in which we are accused of treason may mean that we are facing unpleasantness that will overshadow our entire functioning in life.

This type of dream can also be a warning that we live in a world of fantasies and daydreams, run away from reality into imaginations, we make plans that are not possible, we enter into relationships that do not bring us satisfaction.

Everything indicates that the subconscious is trying to pour a bucket of cold water over our heads.

Betrayal with an ex-partner

A dream in which we betray our current partner or a partner with a former beloved or loved one is a symbol of longing for the broadly understood past.

Everything indicates that the dreamer is not satisfied with what his life is like now, so his thoughts return to the times that seem more joyful and calmer to him.

Moreover, such a dream may mean that we do not fully appreciate what we have today.

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