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Birth Dream Meaning

Childbirth in a dream symbolizes cleansing. Sometimes childbirth seen in a dream indicates a fear of children and motherhood.

child birth dream

In order to understand this dream properly, the emotions that accompanied the dream and whether a boy or a girl were born are important.

What Does Dreaming About Birth Mean?


Happiness and joy await you when you participate in a happy birth.

When a boy is born in a dream, you see a boy giving birth or your own son is giving birth, it portends good business. It also means a cash flow.

When a girl is born in a dream, you participate in the birth of a girl or you see a daughter’s birth, you will experience painful experiences and sacrifices. Having a girl is a financial struggle.

To see someone give birth

If in a dream you see someone’s birth, you will get money in a not very fair way. It is possible that you will use someone for your own purposes.

to see somenone give birth

Complicated childbirth

When in a dream you are involved in an unhappy birth, pain and sadness await you.


When in a dream you are giving birth, if you see a newborn baby, it means freeing yourself from worries and troubles. Also good business and new ideas. It happens that a dream foreshadows trouble with a partner.

Heavy childbirth

When childbirth is painful or unhappy, you will face illness, fatigue, powerlessness or an unhappy marriage.

Dead baby

When a dead child is born in a dream it is sadness, loss or mourning for a loved one.
Dead children are usually dreamed of by people who are unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Then they reflect anxiety and fears.


You will find yourself in a difficult situation. A giving birth dog may also indicate that you will be discouraged or bored with something.

childbird dream

Childbirth of a cow

You will receive cash. This symbol may suggest a fear of self-reliance and making difficult decisions.

Cat childbirth

Get ready for mood swings. Luck or bad luck in your endeavors.

Horse giving birth

Vitality, success, victory. The dream book informs that this symbol can also be read as an announcement of an intimate relationship.

Home birth

When you give birth at home in a dream, it suggests the arrival of some happy or lofty events in the family.

Childbirth of a sister, childbirth of a sister-in-law

When seen in a dream, it bodes envy or dishonesty and rivalry.

A friend’s birth

A crisis in a relationship or a disappointment in love. Also sadness or resentment.

Mother’s birth

When a mother gives birth to you or your siblings in a dream, the dream indicates a strong bond with your mother and family. Sometimes it portends an illness for one of the family members

When a mother gives birth to a strange child, it is rejection and hidden resentment.

Birth Dream Meaning
Birth Dream Meaning

Give birth to twins

You will overcome difficulties and ailments. If you’re currently in trouble, this suggests a double problem. A dream can also predict family celebrations.


A symbol of bold actions and intentions. Sometimes delivering childbirth foreshadows impulsive and ill-considered decisions and unexpected events.

Premature delivery

Unpleasant surprises as well as new duties and challenges that will be difficult to cope with. It happens that a dream brings some sudden events.

Water birth

It is cleansing the body and mind. If the water is bloody, it means efforts that will not be in vain. When the water is cloudy or dirty, prepare for suffering and setback.

The pregnant man

Sleep forces you to close some stage in your life.

Giving birth by caesarean section: symbolizes bold ideas that should be realized. Also, unnecessary toil or unnecessary worry.

Childbirth in the company of a husband or partner: in the coming days you will need a loved one. You will need support and good advice. This symbol also suggests that you have a special bond with your loved one, and although you do not always understand each other, you love each other very much.

Delivery chair, birthing bed: when you see it, lie on it or stand next to it, it means that you are facing a difficult challenge. Perhaps it turns out to be too difficult and you give it up.

To be in the delivery room

Get ready for what’s new.

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