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Libra – Strengths

The greatest advantage of the Libra is its tactics, finesse and ability to take responsibility.

It is a sign that can always be in a good place, satisfied and sure. The Libra can be fair and unbelievably balanced. The issue which Libras devote a lot of effort to is the good quality of relationships with others, and a great deal of energy brought to improve the lives of people around them.

Libra is a friendly and charming sign that can be even more sensitive than it seems to others. She is tactful, sophisticated and balanced. She looks for love and acceptance, which facilitates her ability to communicate and speak the right words at the right time.

Libras are also very stable. They never give up the need to find, dig, and see the centre point in every situation that is coming. Thanks to innate diplomacy they know exactly how to deal with the arguments of others, remain calm and focused on solutions that will bring results in the long run.

Their comfort zone lies in reasonable relations, and they enjoy creating them wherever they appear.

Weak Libra page

The Libra feels that she must serve, but judgement and resentment sometimes entertain her behaviour. Every person born under this sign belonging to the Sun must understand that it is a challenge to her ego and must always be pushed and fed so that she can be confident and ready to face any challenge that is accompanied by “me”.

In the case of a truly poorly built personality, opinions of other people will have a huge impact on the life of Libras, making their search for satisfaction really difficult.

By being present in the Saturn sign, the Libra may become too harsh in its judgment and lose its ability to sympathize and be intimate with other people. It is also undecided until it affects everyone around them. The good thing, however, is its confidence that a good decision has been made when it finally takes it.

Unfortunately, the Libras are also lazy, which makes them the sign opposite Aries. This means that they are far from initiatives and have no energy to take on challenges because Venus rules them. If they can avoid stress, they try to do it at all costs.

Libra in relationships

Libra often takes superficial relationships. Her tendency to be unrealistic from time to time is somewhat a consequence of the relaxed attitude typical of the influence of Venus rather than the lack of respect or instability.

These people will usually focus on how others look, and sometimes they can also get upset and obsess about their physical appearance as well. Her friends should set more explicit boundaries if they do not want the Libra to interfere too much in their lives.

Libra as a partner

When Libra falls in love, he rarely throws himself into the arms of his partner. Although many Libras seem to be descendants of Don Juan, Saturn’s influence gives them a love for things that are deep and last for a long time. Libras will be picky when establishing a serious relationship and will care for the partner’s external appearance and the way in which their whole bond will reflect the outside world.

It can torment those free souls who want to be freed from all opinions, judgments and prejudices of others. When Libras reveal their true inner confidence and stops thinking about how things seem to the world, they become a fantastic partner that shows how much they value their beloved ​​each day.

Libra as a parent

This is someone who will have incredible patience for their child. Because Libras often lose their childhood or feel limited in their childhood, in most cases, they will be tactful and cautious, as if they were afraid of doing something wrong and hurting offspring.

However, their attitude and lack of respect they have received may lead to a tendency to play the role of a victim or may be too harsh and demanding in approaching children.

If they lose too much energy to teach their good manners, and at the same time demean them with potentially explosive or demanding personality, they may lose all power and respect.

Libra as a child

Libra as a child needs someone who will give them the highest respect, and in many cases, he is merely taught what to do, without much room for decision making and building a healthy personality. His indecisiveness can lead his impatient parents to madness, and he needs time to achieve solid and deep conclusions without which he cannot be happy.

Libra needs time, patience and freedom, life without senseless duties and orders that have no basis because they understand the world. If their personality meets with proper treatment, they can become an incredible person who will bring a real balance to the world.

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