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Libra is busy, full of anxiety and uncertain about themselves and everything, which is not helped by the fact that they place high demands on themselves and others. Libra is also very subtle in dealing with others, tactful and has great diplomatic skills, so is extremely liked in their surroundings.

With the Air, some proverbs accurately reflect the character of Libra, especially when it comes to “being for someone like the air,” meaning being needed because Libras are very desirable company and in their surroundings and so people want to stay with them.

Saying “treat someone as the air”, i.e., disregard someone, is also in place in the case of superficial Libra, which tends to keep their distance and also sometimes avoid liability.

Care plan and the features of Libra

The carer of Libra is Venus, which gives her many positive but also negative traits. Positives include delicacy and sensitivity of feelings, the ability to great love and sensuality.

Libra is also a great aesthetic, sensitive to the beauty of the surrounding reality, which can be seen in all manifestations. People under this sign of the zodiac often exhibit artistic tendencies and numerous talents.

However, the influence of Venus can also make the Libra too emotional and impulsive. She also tends to exaggerate regarding views and religion and can become a fanatic. Sometimes they are too sensitive and lose their personality, which is especially evident in men who become less masculine and lack charisma.

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