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Unfortunately, Libra usually do not have the strongest health, which is largely influenced by their negligent diet.

It can lead to diseases of the kidneys, stomach and diabetes, among others.

People under this sign of the zodiac often also complain about bladder problems and are plagued by back pain, especially the lumbar region, and headaches.

So, they have to take care of themselves, and also be less nervous, because the nervous tension they often feel adversely affects their health.


The Libra usually likes to eat well and eat a lot, which may make you bigger. Try to consume smaller rations, but eat more often, but above all, do not indulge too much.

The menu should include healthy and light dishes prepared with herbs, fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, and they should forget about fat, fried and heavy dishes. It will be best if they decide to eat as little meat as possible, and also avoid alcohol – they can reach for it only on rare occasions and in symbolic quantities, choosing only the excellent wines.

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