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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Libra

Although Libra is well-liked in crowds, they have their disadvantages. Learn about the 7 main sins of the Zodiacal Libras

The impact of the planets and the Moon on their birth is insignificant.


Libra is a person who was born between September 23 and October 22. Their element is the air and the planet Venus.

Their colors are yellow, blue, green, malachite, amethyst, and topaz stones. They get along very well with Aquarius, Capricorns, and Taurus, but their contacts with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Cancers leave much desired.

Libra does well in occupations that require creativity and thinking. That’s why they’re doing well with techniques and inventions. They are not afraid of running a business, working for others – in healthcare or administration. Moreover, they will work well in education and work, in which there will be a lot going on.

The Libra need to understand others because they cannot change their lives quickly. Everything must be happening at its pace to make them feel safe.

When they feel their backs are to the wall and are forced to make something, Libra escapes from the relationship. Although they are a sign that is not hostile to others, Libra also have their drawbacks. Here are 7 of them.


1. Undecided

Libra often hesitate. If they are faced with a decision, they often do not know what to do. They change their minds because they dislike to leave their comfort zone and change anything.

2. Imagination

Libra has a vivid imagination, unfortunately often not in the right direction.

Not only do they create scenarios and events that never happen in their minds, but most often, they are black scenarios.

Libra allows themselves to be engaged in conversation, and in extreme cases, just to fall nicely according to others.

3. Shallowness

Libra dislikes to delve into emotional matters. They prefer to slide on the surface and avoid serious relationships, conversations, and problems.

They prefer to run away or pretend that nothing is happening. The Balance Partner should press her at the right moment and somehow force her to make decisions and solemn declarations.

Because in the case of the Lord of Vans, the handed engagement ring may turn out to be simply a “clapping” of the partner, not a solemn declaration.

4. Vanity

Libra can be vain and like being admired. If someone helps them, everyone will find out about it accidentally.

Often, they only perform the usual turn of acting to receive applause. Libra’s admiration of the environment works well; they think there is no better employee than them, so they quickly look for a new job when they feel underestimated.

5. Selfishness

The importance of the egoistic Libra will be significantly influenced by upbringing and instilled principles. Libra rarely puts someone higher than themselves.

They like to feel that someone cares about them, but they are unwilling to give it away.

6. Difficult in relationships

Libra is not natural in relationships. They prefer a short and pleasant relationship.

It is challenging to build a relationship for a Libra, but when it succeeds and the other half creates a permanent and essential bond, she will turned out to be a good partner.

However, it will require a lot of work and devotion from the partner. They mature into marriage for years – not everyone has as much patience as a Libra.

7. Laziness

Libra dislikes to overwork; they prefer it when tedious duties are done by someone else. Their willingness to be creative does not have time for ordinary tasks.

They dislike cleaning and do not mind their artistic disorder. They avoid stressful situations and everything associated with quick decisions, hard work, and responsibilities. They will work, but only on their terms.

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