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Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Sagittarius weekly horoscope
from 06.07 to 12.07 2020

Sagittarius weekly horoscope
Sagittarius horoscope for this week : There are going to be changes in your professional career. For better? Time will tell, but a lot of things depend on your involvement this week. Don't miss an important even around Friday – the fate is preparing a small surprise for you. Think carefully about the planned journey – maybe later date will be more suitable.

Daily horoscope Sagittarius : 8 July 2020 (Wednesday)

Sagittarius - lucky numbers for this week : 1, 9, 13, 14, 39, 41

Weekly horoscope : from 06.07 to 12.07 2020

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Weekly horoscope - health : 80%, work : 10%, love : 20%, luck : 40%, mood : 40%

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Quote of the week:
Celebrity was a long time in coming it will go away. Everything goes away.

Did you know about it ?
Women buy four out of every 10 condoms sold.

Joke of the week :
|A police officer pulls a guy over for speeding and has the following exchange:Officer: May I see your driver's license?Driver: I don't have one. I had it suspended when I got my 5th DUI.Officer: May I see the owner's card for this vehicle?Driver: It's not my car. I stole it.Officer: The car is stolen?Driver: That's right. But come to think of it, I think I saw the owner's card in the glove box when I was putting my gun in there.Officer: There's a gun in the glove box?Driver: Yes sir. That's where I put it after I shot and killed the woman who owns this car and stuffed her in the trunk.Officer: There's a BODY in the TRUNK?!?!?Driver: Yes, sir.Hearing this, the officer immediately called his captain.The car was quickly surrounded by police, and the captain approached the driver to handle the tense situation:Captain: Sir, can I see your license?Driver: Sure. Here it is.It was valid.Captain: Who's car is this?Driver: It's mine, officer. Here's the owner' card.The driver owned the car.Captain: Could you slowly open your glove box so I can see if there's a gun in it?Driver: Yes, sir, but there's no gun in it.Sure enough, there was nothing in the glove box.Captain: Would you mind opening your trunk? I was told you said there's a body in it.Driver: No problem.Trunk is opened; no body.Captain: I don't understand it. The officer who stopped you said you told him you didn't have a license, stole the car, had a gun in the glovebox, and that there was a dead body in the trunk.Driver: Yeah, I'll bet the liar told you I was speeding, too

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