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Sagittarius weekly horoscope


Sagittarius Weekly horoscope

19.07 - 25.07 2021

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Sagittarius horoscope for this week

Carry out the work responsibly. Neglecting a detail now can destroy all your efforts. Make good use of this week because now you have very good communication skills.

You'll be able to get things done, but you have to put in some effort. Official matters should go your way. Also at work, if you have a conversation with your boss, colleagues or important clients, you have a chance to succeed and for a successful resolution of many issues.

At home, you will appreciate the role of your in-laws and your parents. Show them your gratitude.

Daily horoscope Sagittarius : July 24, 2021 (Saturday)

Sagittarius next week horoscope

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Sagittarius this week horoscope

Love horoscope

Sagittarius - love horoscope for this week

Your partner is understanding to you, but you don't see it. Don't focus too much on yourself and your problems. Stop thinking about yourself for a moment and give something to others.

In young relationships, serious conflicts can arise over financial or parental matters. If you don't come to an agreement quickly, it will be hard to feel good.

Your weekly love chart : 60%

love Sagittarius

Finance horoscope

Sagittarius - weekly finance horoscope

This week is an opportunity to invest in yourself - buy yourself something useful, but also something that will make you happy. Invest in your health and fitness, maybe sign up for a training, a dance course, swimming lessons. You can also expand your knowledge or interests.

Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers for this week : 21, 29, 31, 32, 33, 39

Weekly horoscope

Sagittarius horoscope

Your favorable zodiac signs for this week : Libra, Sagittarius

Watch out for these zodiac signs : Aquarius, Virgo

Tip for this week : "Work like there is someone working twenty four hours a day to take it away from you." – Mark Cuban

Weekly charts

Weekly horoscope : 19.07 - 25.07 2021

health Sagittarius work Sagittarius luck Sagittarius mood Sagittarius
Weekly horoscope - health : 30%, work : 70%, luck : 60%, mood : 10%

Sagittarius - your weekly tarot

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope :

The Magician

click card's name to read details Sagittarius

Confidence · Creativity · Important Communication · Skill · Talented and proficient

The Magician means higher and better use of all your power. It means spirituality, emotionality, but also otherness. This is another card that often means new beginnings and great expectations. It is a very strong and positive prognosis. This card reminds us that we have the strength to change something in your life, and even in the larger world, you just have to give it a try.

Tarot for this week: love, finances. Description of the situation : presents :future, The answer to your question: YES / NO

read details : The Magician

Quote of the week:
The skull lay tilted in such a manner that it stared, sightless, up at me as though I, too, were already caught a few feet above him in the strata and, in my turn, were staring upward at that strip of sky which the ages were carrying farther away from me.

Did you know?
A lion's roar can be heard from more than five miles away.

Joke of the week :
How do you change a blonde's mind? Blow in her ear.

Funny video for this week :
weekly horoscope sagittarius
Sagittarius – horoscope for this week

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