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The archer is very funny; he has a great sense of humour and thanks to that friends always surround him.

He loves laughter and enjoys the diversity of life and its cultures, making it easy to get friends around the world.


The person born under this sign of the zodiac is extremely generous and is always happy to give presents to his loved ones.

The sagittarius is also very devoted to his family and ready to do almost everything for her.

How to understand Sagittarius?

To really understand Sagittarius, you have to throw the exterior out of your head. There is nothing superficial in this sign because Scorpio represents what comes after some sort of end, including death.

It is a sign of blessings, religion and philosophy, which makes it question its purpose and all its existence. However, it is also a mental zone that has trouble connecting to the heart and its fiery, open word approach and often hides its sensitivity.

Sagittarius should be surrounded by people who are energetic and raw, but soft inside because thanks to that they will get the best benefits.


When Sagittarius feels where he should go, he strives for high achievements and attains great things on his professional path. If he gets lost between actions that he thinks he likes or simply builds the image of success, his dissatisfaction will attract him until he leaves the path behind him and starts again.

This is not someone who can stick to boring work. Staying too long in one place is not possible in his case unless he has plenty of new tips to discover and learn.

Usually, in a team, he is someone who gives everything before others realise what they should do or are not sufficiently interested in making progress.

When Sagittarius visualises something in his mind, he will do anything to achieve it. He always knows what to say in a given situation and can be a great seller. Sagittarius also favours various tasks and a dynamic atmosphere. Working for a travel agency, taking photography, researching, artistry, ambassadorship, importer and exporter, favour this free person.


The Sagittarius enjoys making money and spending money.

Considered the happiest sign of the zodiac, he does not care where he earns the next money. He takes risks and is very optimistic because he thinks the universe will provide him with everything he needs.

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