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Sagittarius strengths

The Sagittarius is eager for adventures, both physically and mentally.

People born in this sign with the Sun have a broad mind and can easily change their perspective until they find the right version of the words, events or reasons for which they want to research.

A highly regular and deep understanding for different people, nations, countries, governments and, in general, lifestyles, perfectly connect Sagittarius with the natives, wherever they are. They need enough space; they do not want to be restricted at home by their partner or in any other way.

The movement charges their batteries, stimulates them and makes them strong and confident. Independent, optimistic and honest, Sagittarius is a friend that everyone needs in their lives, especially if they need someone who will help find hope or goal in trouble.

Sagittarius is also magnanimous and gives even too much open heart. He is optimistic because he is always aware that everything. Every day he arouses his openness and broadens his horizons.

Sagittarius weaknesses

Sagittarius’s greatest weakness is his inability to find the right perspective.

With such a broad vision it is not easy for him to pay too much attention to details, be practical and narrow his statements to be understandable and unambiguous. As a result of their belief in the good of humanity, these people often face disappointment or challenge, and their faith must be enriched with a point of deep understanding.

They may also tend to close because of stiff, malicious people for whom they had high hopes. Sagittarius is also unreal as a sign that is governed by hope, faith and beliefs. It is someone who often romantically sees the world, unaware of the simplest basic truths such as war, weapons and theft.

Sagittarius is also confused because their variable nature is truly fiery and does not give them rest, as it prevents them from staying in one place for too long. They are also expressionless, with childlike charm.

It is unpredictable to explain how Sagittarius sometimes chooses words, but it is obvious that he does not measure them very carefully. Brutal honesty makes him always heroic, but he must learn to talk about negative issues with care and sensitivity to others.


Sagittarius in relationships

Sagittarius is someone who everyone wants in their life at all times, and if his fiery nature allows him to rest, he arouses patience and compassion for everyone around him.

Depending on their upbringing, these people can be incredibly positive, literally bringing the world prosperity and improving the lives of others, as well as passionately fighting for common beliefs. Sometimes, however, they speak without much consideration, lack of tact, tenderness and maturity.

Their smile can make someone feel better, but they can also be annoying.

Sagittarius as a partner

In romantic relationships, this is not a sign that promises a lasting relationship. Even if many representatives of the Sagittarius sign are looking for their soul mate, as if that one person would give meaning to their whole life, they will try different relationships to discover that practical love is not the same as their imagined one.

Little naively giving, they will expect the best contacts, regardless of emotions, circumstances or sacrifices. They need a partner who will fill their lives with adventure, or at least follow her in life.

There is nothing more that can kill the spirit in them, like a normal routine – doing laundry on weekends and reading the newspaper every morning at the same time every day.

Sagittarius as a parent

The archer usually seems to be involved with his mischievous child. She will enjoy the fun, mainly because she never wants to be an adult and is very flexible in the activities of her children, does not supervise them and does not interfere in their social life.

The problem that can arise in the lives of these parents is hidden in unrealistic expectations and the need to see the world through rose coloured glasses.

It can take the stability of the whole family and make Sagittarius find it far away, or the worst possible scenario will come true – they will turn their children into “robots” that only want to meet their parents’ expectations.

Sagittarius as a child

The archer is impossible to love. An interesting and continuously smiling person is always ready to learn, develop and laugh in all difficult situations imaginable.

This little person can say all the bad things in the worst moments but change them into laughter and give everyone a sweet experience. They need a lot of space to build their personality, try different things and travel as much as possible.

When he finds the direction and his true calling, he will learn hard, focus on them and make everyone around him less worried about his well-being and childlike character.

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