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The archer usually enjoys good health, but adversely affect their well-being can be affected by excessive fatigue, so they should take care of an appropriate portion of physical rest and mental relaxation.

It is not always easy because Sagittarius is difficult to stop and constantly wants to be on the move. Perhaps it is thanks to this that he maintains a good form and perfect health until a late age.

At a later age, he can only complain about problems with joints and bones, as well as sight problems. Also, diseases caused by animals may be harmful to him.


The archer does not have to use a specific diet, so he can reach for what he likes, of course within reason.

In his diet should be many fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs that positively affect the entire body.

He should not overeat, so he must find time to eat more meals and take smaller food rations – thanks to this he will manage to maintain a perfect frame of mind, as well as a perfectly slim figure.

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