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Sagittarius belongs to the element of Fire, which has a significant impact on his behaviour and character throughout his life.

First of all, it is a great emotionality, the ability to experience all feelings, as well as spontaneous reactions deeply. People who have this element in their character act first, then they think, which often gets them into trouble, but they never have a lesson and do not intend to change their behaviour because it simply is not in their nature.

They are also thirsty for life. Other people may be tormented by their explosive nature, as well as the fact that they always want to be in motion, which often does not inspire confidence because they are perceived as unstable and unbalanced. However, this is not entirely true.

A welfare planet and the characteristics of Sagittarius

The protector of the zodiacal Sagittarius is Jupiter, which gives him, among other things, a great charisma. It causes that the Sagittarius often quite naturally assumes a leadership role in his environment and no one even tries to question his position.

Besides, he is full of life, busy, wants to try everything. He can be explosive and does not always think about the possible consequences of his actions because either there is no time for it or he does not want to lose it. His honesty is also his ambivalent feature.

Some appreciate it because you can always be sure that he will not be maturing and will say what he thinks, but sometimes the inclination to say what he has in his heart can put him in trouble and make others feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Sagittarius does not attach importance to this and does not intend to be silent just because someone’s behaviour is not on hand.

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