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Sagittarius incompatible zodiac signs

Sagittarius and Virgo are not written to each other. Who else doesn’t Sagittarius get along with?

Sagittarius is very energetic.


Sagittarius Sign Compatibility: Worst Matches

He loves movement and change. He hates boredom. Even resting your will on the run, discovering new countries, exploring new cultures, learning about previously unknown systems of values, in a word – learning new things. The shooter is impulsive and impatient.

He prefers to risk than regret the wasted opportunities. So he often gets in trouble. His element is fire and the planet Jupiter. People under this sign are open, friendly, and communicative. They hate falsehood and laziness, and they want to achieve everything they dream of with their work and effort.

Sagittarius has the nature of just social activists. They do not tolerate injustice and are happy to defend the weaker than themselves. They are beautiful friends, devoted to others, generous, and selfless. They fall in love at first sight. It’s harder for them to stay in these relationships.

They are happy to flirt with others. They play, go through life with their heads raised. Their dynamic nature and changeability make it difficult for them to settle down, and it is almost impossible with some representatives of the zodiac.

sagittarius Incompatible Zodiac Signs

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Sagittarius + Gemini

Sagittarius connects too much with Gemini to create a compatible, lasting relationship. Individualists are too absorbed in themselves to entirely focus on the partner’s needs. Both Gemini and Sagittarius do not suffer from stagnation.

Only staying in constant motion means they do not get bored and do not get tired of themselves and other people. For both these signs, freedom and independence are essential.

The relationship between this two independence is an explosive mixture. Sagittarius is an incorrect optimist, a cheerful playboy with a somewhat frivolous sense of humor. Sometimes impulsive and easygoing. Gemini is chaotic, often change their mind. Hardly anyone can keep up with them.

It would probably not lack topics for conversation. These two could undoubtedly have fun with each other but not connect with life. The twins need someone calmer with whom they can relax and understand themselves.

Someone who can focus their attention on them will also be helpful to someone who is a little more composed. Perhaps a more sensitive person would inspire Sagittarius to be more effusive, embrace him with his commitment, and make him want to settle down.

On the next page, check who else you should avoid.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius + Pisces

Pisces is romantic. They are happy to run away from problems to their inner world. They think about the options for a long time before making their final decision. Sagittarius does not like when unsolved matters weigh on them. They prefer quick and painless solutions.

The fast pace of life is perfect for them. They are in constant motion. They even rest on the run, playing various sports, devoting themselves to entertainment and traveling.

Pisces are more eager to spend time at home, with a good book and an exciting movie. They are home members. They draw their inspiration not from meetings and contacts with others but from art or literature. Pisces are slow melancholy. Sagittarius is a lively, energetic sanguine. These signs do not match. Their relationship is a constant scuffle.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius + Virgo

The shooters are brave and brilliant. They don’t analyze their choices very much. That’s why they often get in trouble. They also learn from their mistakes. They are not ashamed of them. They count on failures, recognizing that you can not only succeed in life.

Virgo has a rather indulgent attitude towards Sagittarius. People under this sign are clumsy for them and resemble a large child. They can’t rely on Sagittarius. They are too volatile. They are reluctant to engage in relationships, and only in ongoing relationships do they feel safe.

If Virgo wants to enter into a relationship with Sagittarius, she will soon find out that this is not easy. First of all, Sagittarius cannot be reduced to the ground floor. It will not allow it to rule. Virgo will not be able to direct and mother him.

Sagittarius cannot be patronized. He will want to get out of the golden cage as soon as possible, in which Virgo will lock him up. Meanwhile, Virgo will feel underappreciated, treated too coldly, neglected. There will be no bread from this flour.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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