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Horoscope Cancer

Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Period: Jun 21 – Jul 22

Friendly signs: Libra, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.
Unfriendly signs: Gemini, Aries.
Lucky stones: opal, malachite, emerald.
Lucky colors: claret, black, pink, creamy.
The most suitable career: culture, health service, agriculture and gardening.

Cancers are unusually sensitive, tender and empathetic. They can imagine being in the somebody else’s shoes like any other sign, and are willing to take care of them, which is caused by their inside need. They deeply perceive every empirical and sensorial experiences.

Such people usually become loving mothers, caring fathers, sensitive wives and entirely devoted husbands. Their unusual sensitivity may cause them a lot of troubles. They tend to exaggerate minor problems, often missing the real ones, which makes them unable to cope with their life.

They get strongly attached to people and places. They collect a lot of useless items and are unable to get rid of. Being attached to people, they try to help and take care of them. They are scared of rejection, so they try to make everybody dependent on them. They stick closely to familiar people and situations.

Cancers, in order to keep the peace of mind, are advised not to worry in advance, to stay moderated.  Working for charity organizations, health service and voluntary services  is a good idea  it will help Cancers find their fulfillment. It would be good for them to learn how to enjoy small things.

In relationships, Cancers are as good as gold. They can help, soothe, take care of, are very sensitive and can be hurt with words easily. The partner of a Cancer won’t have an easy life. He/She will have to protect, take care of and make him/her feel safe. The partner should be also able to decide for Cancer  because Cancers tend to exaggerate minor things and if they play the main role in a relationship, they will harass their partners with such a tendency. However, if a Cancer plays a role below his/her expectations and abilities, she/he may feel underestimated and will harass him/herself.

A perfect partner for Cancer should be sensitive, but not as much as the Cancer. He/She also has to be empathetic to understand his/her partner, love the warmth of home, but be the strong and controlled leader of relationship, capable of making firm decisions.

What’s more, Cancers are well-liked in company. You can always discuss art, culture or recently read books with them. People like to have by their side such a person who can always help, take care of and talk to them. It’s good to have a Cancer as a friend, because he/she may always be relied on when something unexpected happens, there is nobody to look after a baby or nobody to take care of catering at the party. That is why Cancers are well-liked and welcomed at every meetings. Only they can give so much and expect nothing in return.

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