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Cancer : character

Character - Cancer

Character – Cancer

Cancers are more imaginative, emotional and professionally ambitious (sometimes overly) than any other sign, which is mostly noticeable among women. They are very sensitive and get emotional easily, but they usually hide their feelings under the mask of indifference. Thanks to their spiritual patron  the Moon, they are very intuitive, predisposed to foresee and predict the future, many of them become clairvoyants.

Their huge imagination often results in being isolation or even loneliness. The last one is especially dangerous for them, as they need family life to function properly. Relationships with relatives are very important to Cancers, as they provide them with calmness and relaxation. It’s in the family house where Cancers rest, usually alone, being preoccupied with the winding paths of their imagination, or releasing stress, which often bothers them a lot.

Although they want to be in the middle of attention, they often behave shy in public. They want to dominate the surrounding, happen to be possessive, but also calm. They feel the best at home, in their own four walls, a place they know perfectly. It’s not easy to discover their soul, as Cancers are actually introverts and it only seems that they open to friends. Their character is really complicated  although they are sympathetic, they happen to be changeable and petulant. They don’t like to compromise and chose their friends picky. Their advantages are great memory and linguistic talent.

They are made for not stressing job, which will not require determination or strength. They should decide to work in libraries, museums or antique shops  such jobs will not only guarantee fulfillment, but also may prove very profitable.

Cancers as partners

She-Cancer is a very patient, sensitive and loving woman and mother. She usually treats her partner with a distance, expects from him reliability and passion, as well as usual tenderness and care. She values confident men, capable of making the first step, but also guaranteeing her full intimacy. As a general rule, she is quiet and patient, often attempts to dominate the surrounding, especially at work. She also doesn’t like being limited or controlled.

He-Cancer is attached and devoted to family like any other man. Her partner is who matters the most. He constantly adores her and treats with usual passion and tenderness, provided she encourages him and treats the same way. He-Cancer knows his value and has a high opinion of himself. He never opens entirely  he values his privacy and likes to have secrets. That is what his partner should be prepared for.

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