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Cancer – health & diet

cancer health and diet

Health and diet – Cancer

Cancer’s health

People of Cancer tend a lot to hide their emotions and feelings, which are really strong. It affects their organism badly, especially the digestive system in case of men, as well as uterus and breasts, which are responsible for the sense of motherhood safety in case of women. That is why Cancers are advised to rest a lot and take only such responsibilities which they are able to manage… They should visit calm places, like forests or mountains, relax listening to music and lead a healthy, regular lifestyle. They should also remember about physical exercises, mostly those for stomach. These all should minimize the probability of the predisposed diseases.

Cancer’s diet

Cancers like to eat well and they sometimes eat even too much  which usually results in obesity and digestive system diseases. That’s why it is advised to limit the portions and eat more regularly. As they are culinary gifted, they should use the talent and include more salads and cooked vegetables in their diet. Especially good for them are grains, shrimps, sea algae, peaches, apricots, vegetables in general, bananas, strawberries, almonds and tuna.

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