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Cancer – friendly signs

friendly signs

Cancer – Friendly signs

Signs of the zodiac friendly to Cancer

People of Cancer are one of the hardest to live with. They are attention seeking egoists, ambitious, patient and consistent, they hate criticism and to compromise. They value family and home, have a rich spiritual life and are shy  what collides with their desire to be famous. Relationship with Cancers require patience and understanding for their individuality and secretiveness, which are typical for every Cancer.

Cancers in relationships

She-Cancer is tender, calm and quiet, exceptionally good. She is rather polite, but able to make people do what she wants them to without realizing it. She is consistent in striving for goals, values partners she can rely on in every field of life. She likes to control everything what’s going on around her, especially at work. She only feigns being open, hides her real ego and shows it only to the closest ones. She becomes loud and mean with time.

He-Cancer is energetic and independent in his opinions, he hates being criticized, mostly because of his high ego. He gets attached to his partner, treats her like the most wonderful women in the world, but also likes being seduced. He is emotional and sensitive, likes to have his own place home to get absorbed by his own matters. He hates when somebody stick his nose into his business  and his partner should be prepared that he will always have his personal, inaccessible for anybody else space  and it shouldn’t be alarming.

The trigon of water

It is believed that Cancer should stick to the people of the same trigon  which are Pisces and Scorpio. These are the most calm and sensitive signs, which, according to astrologers, should get into relationships together  as they will understand their weak characters like anybody else and won’t hurt each other because of it.

PISCES are the people who usually are phlegmatic, calm and agreeable, naturally polite, but also changeable. They are weak and tend to fall into a bad mood easily, they are empathetic and dreamy. Unfortunately, they have problems with achieving financial successes and are prone to addictions. Being intuitive, they are able to discover other people’s moods, as well as to draw correct conclusions in many matters.

She-Pisces is an extremely sensitive woman, sometimes skeptical and careless. She is very emotional and so her partner should be  she feels awkward in the company of aggressive and strong men. She is a monogamist, however, if she wants to, she can be original and sexually liberated, but only to her partner. She loves truly and gets attached to her beloved man.

He-Pisces is a good material for a husband and a father, strong loving, tender and sensitive. He likes resourceful and helpful women, confident and determined, who will be a good partner for life.

SCORPIO is a sign of great individuality, controversial and hasty. The people of Scorpio are the slaves of their own passions and desires, able to concentrate on one thing, and extremely curious. It’s better not to get into arguments with them, especially when their believes are different  Scorpios are very authoritarian, firmly defend their opinion and almost never change it. If they fail, they don’t give up, but get on their feet easily. There are a lot of wicked and cruel people among them, and those negative features are as strong as the positive ones.

He-Scorpio is a jealous, self-important and stubborn man, who loves to dominate. A perfect partner for him will be a woman, who is attractive, wise, confident and temperamental, but she must be ready to live in his shadow and leave let him play the main role in the relationship. He can be helpful and polite, and he is always willing to give a piece of advise.

She-Scorpio, on the other hand, is a very changeable woman. On one hand, she is very harsh and ruthless, always says what she thinks directly, but she still attracts many men. She is a jealous and suspicious partner, but also passionate  she knows her value well. She needs a faithful, loving and rich partner, the one who will satisfy her all needs.

water trigon - cancer

Water trigon

Other signs of the zodiac friendly to Cancer

Other friendly signs, along with Pisces and Scorpio, are: Virgo and Cancer.


Signs of the zodiac neutral to Cancer

The neutral signs of the zodiac are: Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Signs of the zodiac unfriendly to Cancer

In astrology, it is believed that the unfriendly to Cancer are: Aries and Gemini.

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