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Taurus – horoscope for fun

The taurus is a very stubborn child from an early age, and if something does not go his way, he forces everyone to act according to his whims and a hunger strike.

He likes to make everyone angry and quickly begins to play in spite of the parents’ prohibitions. If something goes wrong, you can be sure that it will do just that.

The taurus likes to be appreciated by his surroundings, and if he has no more merits, he will be happy to invent them, or he will become a crazy animal. In adult life, he hopes that employers will report to him themselves, caused by his numerous talents, but laziness does not always allow him to accept the proposed jobs. He likes to lie in bed for hours and rarely gets up before 10.

He is a greedy man; he will not be able to resist fries or chocolates that are within his reach.

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