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Horoscope taurus – love and intimate relationships

Each taurus needs time to build a close bond with another human being.

Most things do cause and often rely on the traditional values ​​and morals in which he was brought up. But when he opens up, it will be free love, with no hidden motives. Tauruss’ sexuality must be understood and nurtured; they need a lot of tenderness, long foreplay and devotion.

In the case of finding the right person, their sex life can be strong and satisfying even when they get old and may start to feel bad in their body.

A taurus lover must have a lot of patience. The tauruss are extremely sensual, the touch, the smell and all the senses are extremely important to them, and also need time to create a safe environment for themselves and be able to show their sexuality.

When they do not have so much intimacy with a loved one, they stay at a distance and even if they have great needs, they keep their emotions in check, focusing on the practical reasoning that considers changes and initiative of the partner.

For long-term relationships, Tauruss often choose people from the same social environment who can respond to their intellectual needs, but also the expectations of their family and close friends.

They stick to the traditional values ​​and practical side of life, so they rarely choose a partner who does not meet the basic expectations of upbringing, which often manifests itself by showing attention, gifts and giving material things.

When they do not stick to the moral code too rigidly and reject all taboos, choosing a bold approach, they can then be bruised on their own and discharge their frustrations on the partner.

Compatibility: The taurus with other characters can be complicated.

How to seduce a Taurus man?

The male taurus is strong, loyal and generous. He is trustworthy, patient and gentle. In love, he always looks for a great feeling to which he is faithful. He is not the type to flirt. The taurus will not catch subtle allusions and evocative glances from women who flirt with him without being too clever.

He does not like any artificiality and appreciates conversations filled with real experiences, especially when it comes to compliments and love declarations.

The male taurus needs time to build trust, and everyone who wants to win his heart must devote a lot of effort to it. He is a taciturn person, so it seems that nothing touches him, but it is not true.

The best date for him is one that takes place in a safe place, so it’s best to invite him to a delicious home-made meal or choose a place that is comfortable and cozy, not popular or modern.

From the nature and way of thinking, he perceives sex as something that comes when it is the right time. He rarely puts pressure on the person with whom he is associated and feels that it is something that you can enjoy, not just desire.

The taurus has a steady, stable character with a potential inability to forgive betrayal and must feel really safe to settle down with one person for good.

How to seduce a taurus woman?

Anyone who wants to seduce a taurus woman born with the Sun in a sign must appeal to her sense of romance. Women tauruss want to be charmed and slowly seduced, even when they have already decided to make contact with someone.

They need time and patience to get involved in the relationship and rarely get involved quickly in sexual relations without thinking about these choices.

A woman taurus wants true love and security. She is unlikely to satisfy her desires and instincts quickly, and if someone wants to have her heart, he will have to devote a lot of time and energy to the game to win her or make her feel comfortable.

When a woman taurus falls in love, she becomes tender, intimate, close and loyal, standing by her partner as long as he is faithful to her. She is visual and appreciates the simplicity of good things in life, so the way to get closer to her, are through moments and pleasures, respect for privacy, tasty food and a gentle touch.

She is a woman who does not like to be hurried during a date and needs time. When she feels comfortable and relaxed with someone, she will be happy and give her heart quickly without moving away.

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