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As befits a taurus, the person under this sign is strong and usually well built, but not when it comes to their figure, but their strength and power.

Tauruss often like physical activities which help them maintain good health and fitness, but unfortunately, they do not always have time to devote to it.

A stressful lifestyle threatens them, they often have problems with greed, like to melt in alcohol, which can be dangerous for their health.

They often complain about liver problems as well as their general digestive system.

They can also be nervous, so it is recommended that they avoid excessive stress, and also try to stay nourished regularly but abstain from reaching for the alcohol – small quantities only.



Tauruss love good food and can cook well, and are often complaining about the effects of overeating. They are happy to reach for alcohol, which helps them relax. Their diet should, however, be healthier, and they should reach for light meals, and also take care to accept the minimum amount of alcohol.

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