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Taurus – strengths

The taurus is known for its attachment and reliability.

Loyal and caring, he can always give a helping hand to others, he is always ready to push those who are stuck or in trouble. Tauruss understand the mechanisms of the material world, which makes them good financial advisors and bank employees.

Determined and strong, they are always prepared to make efforts in the long run. They will do everything to please their beloved.


The taurus overly loves physical affection and is a great hedonist, and material things are important to him. The presence of the Earth in this sign may tend to cause laziness, motionless, stubbornness and are excessively attached to material goods.

A bit possessive if he is afraid of losing someone, he becomes a real control freak and thus he can never relax. Between these two extremes.

The taurus learns to accept changes and can change all its bad qualities into cute flaws that no one can resist.

Taurus in relationships

On the side, a bit introverted, the taurus tends to build intimate relationships that will last for a long time.

Tauruss are trustworthy and loyal, willing to sacrifice and value closeness. However, they need to get to know and slowly and carefully examine people before they get involved in a real relationship.

Reliable and gentle, the Taurus is a perfect friend to share all positive experiences with and to survive with alongside the negative ones. They are afraid of conflict and aggression; they avoid loud and harassing characters.

Slow and stubborn, they can be irritating to some of the characters of Air and Fire that need more speed and emotion in life. The taurus, however, you can have on your side in the long run, and not adventurously share a day or two with it.

Taurus as a partner

The representative of Taurus is polite and caring, but often controls his partner and is possessive, losing sight of what the partner needs at the time. This is not so bad for someone with the personality of Scorpio when it works both ways, but it is not a favourable situation regarding people who need a lot of freedom and adventure.

However, the compassionate and sensitive character of Taurus usually helps them to understand their partner’s needs, and this can help to maintain a relationship with even the most liberated partner.

Taurus as a parent

People born in this sign may be too conservative and inflexible, with a strange accent of emotional blackmail and control. They can give sufficient freedom to their children, but they can also easily end up in an infinite loop of wounds and the search for guilty ones.

A caring taurus meets the child’s daily practical needs and can provide him with everything he needs to build common sense and levelheadedness.

He also does not hesitate to show physical love by displaying feelings through touch and kisses, which can become uncomfortable at some point for a teenager. If the Tauruss recognise the independence of their children and stick to the boundaries, they can become the image of a perfect parent, always striving to help a child in need, but open to their needs to give them the freedom to grow.

Taurus as a child

A taurus in childhood is often perceived as lazy and slow. He cannot be deprived of satisfaction, sweetness and other earthly pleasures. This will lead him to frustration, which will only lead to unhealthy choices in later life and a journey to material values.

The key to good taurusfighting is a healthy routine and reaching an agreement through understanding and compassion.

Their growth can be inhibited if they feel under pressure or be pushed to things they do not want to do. They also need a strong emotional bond with their parents to build a positive personality.

If the Tauruss feel unloved, they will obey and do their best to please their parents and meet their expectations. Unfortunately, it will not help their personality to gain strength and be able to support positive circumstances later in life.

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