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The element of Gemini is Air, which gives them the love of freedom, mobility and the desire to kill boredom in every moment of life.

Gemini values the company of other people very much and cannot be lonely. They always want to learn something from others, absorb knowledge from all sources, and do not avoid gossip. It is their driving force for action, without which they certainly would not be able to live.

They are constantly looking for new impressions, which makes them unstable and not always reliable, and they also do not like imposing bonds on themselves when it comes to emotional relationships. They are interested in the surrounding reality and explore it in all ways.

With the Air, proverbs are also associated that fit well with people born in this sign, such as “being for someone like the air”. Another saying, “to treat someone like the air,” means ignoring someone.

Gemini are interested in everyone and everybody, but they tend not to notice the problems and feelings of others. They cannot usually be responsible for others and have a big problem with engaging in lasting relationships.

The careful planet and the characteristics of Gemini

The planet belonging to the Gemini sign is Mercury, and its counterpart is the Greek god Hermes, a messenger of great speed due to his winged shoes.

Hermes was always in the centre of events and had the latest information, as well as being sociable, extremely eloquent and curious about everything Twin, and also with extraordinary communication skills. It is this planet that gives the Gemini great and oratory abilities that are useful to them in their private lives, but above all at work.

The Gemini also present outstanding intellectual and marketing skills. Unfortunately, Mercury also gives them negative qualities, such as impulsiveness, dispersed personality, indecision, as well as overconfidence.

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