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To really flourish in their love life, Gemini needs someone they can get to know and discover day after day while sharing their interests and adventures with that partner.

If they are to remain with one person, in the long run, they must be fascinated with her mind, and a situation in which they can learn something from their partner is essential. They need the purity of their boundaries and the sense of unchanged property, which makes them even more difficult partners.

When they fall in love, they approach the chosen person with vigour, humour and entertainment attitude and expect them to be loved with all internal differences and challenges.

Their sex life is coloured with many words, and from their perspective, foreplay is intellectual, not physical.

Funny and always ready for intellectual challenges, Gemini see love for the first time through verbal communication and contact and consider it as important physical contact with a partner. When these rules are maintained, all other obstacles seem to fade.

Curious and always ready for flirting the Gemini can spend a lot of time with other lovers until he finds the right one who matches his intellect and energy. Gemini need emotions, diversity and passion, and when they find the right person – a lover and a friend in one, they will be faithful and determined to give their heart to her forever.

The biggest challenge for a twin’s love life is finding the emotion that lasts, especially when they mature and realise that they are already in the repetitive mode of superficiality or when they are disappointed by some relationship.

Their personality does not allow for a lot of deep emotions because they are predisposed to disseminate information, not dig around in them and find errors or holes.

They look at life from the relative perspective of the movement, being the one who is circling the sun, moving forward and backward from the point of view of the Earth, never sure of its own direction.

Gemini can make sharp turns, leaving those who love them, but some partners can go at their pace, ready to build a loving relationship all the time. You just have to find them.

How to seduce a man Gemini

The Gemini man is enthusiastic and full of life, he never feels disappointed with dull moments because he simply is not there. He is brave and funny, and that makes him the perfect partner. He is an energetic and dynamic man, looking for some laughter and fun.

Male Gemini are naturally talkative and smart, and you can meet them at public meetings, conferences and seminars.

Their personality is characterised by duality, making them incoherent but smart and extremely attractive to others. This man is impossible to dominate and needs a partner who will give him enough freedom and space, as well as mental stimulation and diversity.

To get his heart, you need to be able to play, stimulate him intellectually and look for adventures, laughing at his jokes and being ready to learn from him day after day.

Dissolving problems goes against Gemini’s nature. He is not a man ready to discuss emotions, which he experiences a lot, but he prefers when they are shown, not discussed

Having sex with a twin can be a great experience, but if his partner does not want to experiment, he will become bored. As in all things, the Twin needs new experiences, verbal contacts and freedom of expression about sexual relationships.

How to seduce a woman Gemini?

Anyone who wants to seduce the Gemini woman must keep up with her double nature. She can be passionate and gentle in an instant, while in another she can withdraw from her loved ones. This is the result of her natural tendency to remain in a safe position and at a distance from other people, prepared to escape to a carefree escape to the carefree love story that awaits her around the corner.

She is an enthusiastic, intellectual and eloquent woman, at the same time extremely open and always ready to meet someone new.

Although the Gemini woman is usually not too shy, taking serious and committed relationships will require time and patience. However, when she finds a man who can satisfy her sexual and intellectual desires, she will suggest marriage, starting a family and growing old together, although this can happen unusually.

She is impressed by partners who teach her new things and ideas. Sexual life is a story for her, which should be told, but only for those who are ready to listen, usually for one particular person, who finally managed to build intimacy.

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