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Gemini – strengths

People born in the sign of Gemini and the Sun are bold, fast, disciplined and intelligent.

Their wit and sense of humour help them overcome the difficulties that their lives bring, while the gift of communication is their greatest asset. They are fun and always open to new friends, new experiences and adventures. Gemini can also impose their way of thinking on everyone, making them careless and lightly treating their affairs.

They are very intellectual, they excite themselves with learning and mental stimulation, extremely intelligent and continuously in search of new ideas and experiences. Their funny joke makes them entertain everyone around them, improving the overall quality of everyone’s life.

They are spontaneous and funny, so everyone wants to be their friend. Enthusiastic in every place and situation, always excited about the next step they choose.


The weak point of each Twin is disagreement. As a sign of air with high variability, these people cannot stay in one place for too long. They often move and rationalise that it was a good choice.

They are superficial and devoid of family ties. They seem distant and uninterested in earthly affairs and other people’s problems. They need a healthy routine and enough change and excitement to sink into stability and deep emotions. Gemini are often unable to concentrate on one thing and have distracted attention.

They are impatient because their spontaneous and courageous nature takes them over, making them perceived as restless and even crazy.

When they devote themselves to an important task, they forget their own physical and emotional needs. Excitement drives them, but it should not put them too far away from the inner state of the room.

Gemini in relationships

Each Twin is very much appreciated by the social circle and has to have different friends to share everyday activities and talk about his life. He quickly gains the hearts of others with his childhood approach to all things in life, and with his amazing mind can create something out of nothing.

Sometimes, however, some people think that Gemini is not serious enough to stay in whatever relationship they are in. Fortunately, this is not something that the Gemini would worry about too much.

They approach people’s lives, experience new things and people, and know that the right time will come for everything. When they have enough common interests and play with someone they consider important, and this person understands their swings and personality changes, they never want to let that person go.

Gemini as a partner

Gemini do not like to stay in one place for a long time or remain with one partner for a long time. Intellectual incentives are a necessity for them in all relationships that they create and have difficulty finding any sexual attraction with someone who looks good but does not have much to say.

For their relationship to be permanent, they must be well understood by the other person, as well as motivated by efforts to maintain the relationship.

They have no reason to settle for less than what makes them happy, but they often remain in unhealthy relationships for the good of children because they become their highest priority whenever they come into the world.

Gemini as a parent

The Gemini as parents behave like children. Playing, giggling and treating offspring like friends, they are funny, liberal but reasonable parents. Their biggest problem in the family is a constant relationship because Gemini must continuously face life’s obstacles, sometimes neglecting the physical needs of their child.

If they bring up a child whose guardian is the Earth, this can be a problem. Interesting and open to all human differences, they become parents able to give space to a well-developed personality that can express their mind freely.

Gemini as a child

Gemini as children can be embarrassing. With their incredible curiosity, which is almost impossible to satisfy, and with the need for movement, even the most flexible parent can chase them madly, giving numerous explanations, but he fails to keep the mind of this young man.

They need a lot of practical attention and someone who will follow them wherever they go, in much of their early childhood. To give the Gemini security, you need to talk to them, and you will see that the little Twin understands even the most complicated sentences, while it is still too small to speak.

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