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Gemini – favourable signs

It is difficult for the Gemini to persevere in relationships, but if they come across people of great understanding and patience, they will definitely want to settle down at their side.

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The Gemini man values ​​freedom, but over time, he wants to settle down. Once you manage to entrap him, life with him will be very interesting. However, it cannot be limited, and certainly, it is not a good idea to make demands on his independence. He won’t suffer scenes of jealousy and excessive possessiveness.

The Gemini woman is very sensitive and sometimes impulsive, but she can be a loyal partner who will support her man in everything. A nuisance and being too talkative might be troublesome to him, but if he finds forgiveness, they will create a happy relationship.

Gemini, like Libra and Aquarius, belongs to the air and are best associated with these signs.

Gemini + Libra

The Libra has great leadership skills, often also artistic and is a great worker. It arouses general sympathy, avoids boorishness and arrogance, and does not go into battle, but if you force it, you can be sure that it will win.

Male Libra is a great flirt and does not like to get involved in permanent relationships. He appreciates pleasure and is a hedonist in every aspect.

Gemini + Aquarius

Aquarius seeks the truth, is extremely honest, which makes him popular and tolerant. He is distinguished by the flair with which he approaches all his affairs, which is why you can rely on him.

Female Aquarius is a great individualist and may seem mysterious. Even in front of her partner, she does not reveal herself completely, and she must be respected, otherwise, she cannot be accused of being faithful, loyal and extremely devoted, and even capable of making the greatest sacrifices for her beloved.

Male Aquarius enjoys life and feels happy. He wants others to share this feeling, but he cannot always make his loved ones happy, although he tries hard, sometimes even against them. He tends to devote himself to senseless occupations, so he needs a woman who will guide him accordingly.

The remaining signs of the zodiac are favourable to the Gemini: Leo, Gemini Gemini.

The signs of the Zodiac, neutral for Gemini, are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Zodiac signs that are unfavourable to the Gemini are Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Click here and see the detailed affiliate horoscope for the Gemini sign.

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