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Gemini can complain about respiratory and nervous system diseases.

They can also complain about problems with their arms and legs, and if you experience pain, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Having proper lung condition will help them take care of sports in healthy air.

It is not good for Gemini, however, to give in to addictions, especially to the tendency of tobacco, which they should fight. It is also advisable to ensure better immunity of the body.


Gemini usually feed quite rationally. Not a party from experimenting in the field of food, especially because they cook well and try new recipes. Unfortunately, however, they like heavy meat dishes and other fatty foods that can adversely affect their health and figure.

For this reason, they should try to eat less and primarily use vegetables, fruits and fresh juices, preferably self-squeezed and drunk immediately after cooking because then they are the most valuable.

On the next page, you will read what signs of the zodiac are favourable for Gemini and which should be avoided.

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