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The element of Capricorn is Earth, which gives him stability above all, unwillingness to rock in the clouds and real assessment of his forces and possibilities.

Capricorn will definitely not be hiding with the sun; he will rather build up his success, which is within his reach, especially since he is capable of great efforts and can focus strongly.

Nothing draws his attention away from what is important to him at the moment. Material matters, stability and a sense of security are essential to him. The spiritual sphere, especially emotional, is usually strongly protected by Capricorn, who is sensitive, but does not want anyone to know about it, often even trying not to reveal this to the next person.

The proverb that is connected with Earth is a perfect fit for Capricorn – “walk on the ground” because he is a realist, sometimes even too much attached to reality.

Caretaking planet and features of Capricorn

The retirement planet of Capricorn is Saturn, which gives it many positive and negative qualities. Among the positive, one can distinguish, above all, great diligence.

Capricorn is always ready to work, even if he knows that he will have to wait a long time for it to bear fruit. He is also a great perfectionist, and will never allow himself to do anything hastily, just to finish it quickly. He strives for perfection with ease because he wants to be satisfied not only with quantity but also quality.

So, you can entrust him with tasks that require perfect precision and be sure that he will perform well. Saturn’s presence in the sign of Capricorn also gives him negative qualities such as overbearing, uncompromising, and a tendency to teach others, especially in moral matters.

He is also a person who is dry because he cannot show affection, and usually, he is very hungry for closeness and because of his distance he cannot even know her in a relationship.

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