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Capricorn is intelligent, stable and reliable, and that makes him a good and loyal friend who is a pillar of his friends’ dreams.

He should be surrounded by people who do not ask too many questions, know where the limits are but are also warm, open and loyal so that he can follow them.

There are not many friends in life, but he can always turn to those he has because they are peaceful, intelligent and honest.


It is a sign with a full understanding of family traditions. Capricorn feels connected with everything from the past and his childhood and loves these memories especially when a holiday or birthday is approaching.

This is a sign of a typical conflict in which the house dominates, with the father who is extremely important because of how the person has built his image over the years. As a parent, he tends to be close but fair, easy to take responsibility and accompanies the child.

How to understand?

To understand Capricorn, you really need to get deep into its surface. When you are there, you need more research. His nature is warm, sensitive, but also dark, more than you can imagine in many other signs, but his attention is greater than his openness to love, and this makes him far from the rest of the world.

Rationality is not exactly his best friend, and he must constantly be aware of his emotional world if he wants to act and create relationships that really satisfy his requirements.


Capricorn sets high standards, but his integrity, dedication and perseverance lead him to achieve these goals. He values ​​loyalty and hard work on all other matters and keeps close associates with these qualities even when they are to be intellectually inferior.

Focused and resourceful, Capricorn is someone who will do the work, without worrying about the long hours that he will have to sacrifice it, completely focusing on the final product.

Shines in several possible areas that include management, finance, programming and calculations. Capricorn is also deeply rooted in tradition, in the state and in the system in which he lives, so he needs to have all the documents in perfect order and inviolable condition.

Ambitious and aware of the consequences of their actions, the representatives of Capricorn often achieve high positions, while understanding the value of education and common sense and never dodging hard work.

In most cases, they turn out to be full of initiative and honest, although sometimes not at the pace required by their work. They need time to bring the processes in their mind to the end and give results of a deep quality and solid foundation.

Capricorns are ambitious, determined, disciplined and committed to working as long as equality of justice is not disturbed.



Money is really appreciated in the lives of these people, and they have no problems managing them and saving for worse times as long as they can use their skills and until they fall into debt. When they have them, they will do their best to free themselves from them as soon as possible, and they also know that real success will only come in the long run.

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