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The nervousness of Capricorn and the tendency to take care of the smallest details often cause trouble with nervous tension, which affects the functioning of the digestive system.

They also tend to have problems with joints and bones, especially complaining of rheumatic pains, which may appear at an earlier age.

Sometimes, they also get dermatological diseases, which are mainly the result of a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals.



Problems with the digestive system force that Capricorns use a light diet. They should not supply fatty and heavy foods to their bodies, and rice, cereals and legumes are indicated for them.

They should also not forget about seasoning their dishes with mild herbs, preferably fresh ones.

It is also good for them to eat meals in the company of other people because thanks to these celebrations, it will improve their digestion. Occasionally, they can reach for alcohol, but only good quality.

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