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Capricorn favourable signs

Capricorn is not easy to get involved in a relationship because a lot of time has to pass before they can reveal themselves enough to show their emotional nature and sensitivity, which they hide every day under the mask of harshness and haughtiness.

However, it is worth trying to reach them because when you do, you can get a great partner, faithful and dedicated, for life.

Capricorn with Virgo and Taurus belongs to the Earth Trigon and it is with these signs that he can create the best relationship. Earth’s element gives them a great intuition and consistency in all endeavours, thanks to which they are ambitious people and focused on reaching the peaks of their abilities.

Capricorn + Virgo

Virgo is rational, logical and intelligent; she can also be critical. She is very conscientious and lacks spontaneity, which you need to accept about her character, as well as a great love of order, through which she can argue with people who have different views on this subject.

The Virgo is an ideal partner because she works well in the role of a housewife and at the same time realises herself in the professional field. She is very loyal and devoted; she values ​​closeness with her partner.

The Virgo man is faithful, calm and sedate. He is great as a father, and for his beloved, he is not always just, but always in her favour, because he sees in her the advantages that others cannot see because they simply do not exist. Often this is because she is the only woman in his life.

Capricorn + Bull

The Bull is full of reflection, extremely sensual and willing to make great efforts when it depends on something. There is no lack of reason, but sometimes he insists against it, and then there is no strength that would force him to change his attitude.

The Bull woman stands out with great grace and practicality. She wants to start a family, and it’s excellent. She does not allow herself to be controlled even if she is madly in love. She can also have her whims, and there are no small requirements for practically everything.

The Male Bull can be a very faithful and devoted partner and father. He can give your loved one everything she needs, at the forefront with a sense of security and stability, and at the same time will find time for her unattractive, charming adoration, noticing not only her appearance but also the interior.

The other signs of the zodiac that are favourable to Capricorn are Pisces.

The neutral signs for Capricorn are Gemini, Leo, Scorpion, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Signs of the Zodiac that are unfavourable to Capricorn are Aries, Libra and Cancer.

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