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Capricorn – strengths

The greatest assets of Capricorn are his ambition, discipline and patience.

Thanks to their ability to plan and think about all the necessary steps in pursuit of a specific goal, Capricorns often succeed on the career path. Reliable and dedicated, these people often have trouble opening themselves up to others, but they become trustworthy and stable in relationships when they decide to be part of them.

With their endurance and patience, nothing seems virtually impossible.

Capricorns are patient, and people who understand the flow of time because they belong to the slow and perfect element of the Earth. They believe that every step is used to achieve a goal. They are also very deep and never stick to the outside.

They have to dig, work on all things all the time and although they often need rest, it gives results that are undoubted. They are also practical, with the possibility of finding practically everything in your life, which concerns objects, people and situations.


Although Capricorns achieve very high goals, they often do so without a proper foundation in their hearts. If they depart from their emotional needs and remain focused mainly on the image that will show the rest of the world, they easily become dissatisfied, malicious, and even bad in their circumstances that can happen.

The lack of compassion that comes as a product of their personal lack of satisfaction leads them to become cold, distant and disconnected from others and selfishly pursue their goals regardless of other people along the way. Their direction must be based on their true personalities, creativity and their hearts so that the rest of life has a real quality.

Capricorn is also cold. Their heart must remain warm all the time so that they can achieve the satisfaction they deserve, and a sense of guilt or lack of self-worth often makes them less peaceful. They are also stubborn, with a strong pair of horns as a sign that exalts Mars.

They are not people who accept change, a modern approach and too many innovations at any time in their lives.

Once they are in their mind, they will not move, rarely listening to advice and building a high fence on the opinions of other people. Capricorn is also a pessimist because the presence of Jupiter in the sign tells him to prophesy the fall constantly. For this reason, he is a bit dark, lives in a difficult world, with a stern moral judgment and convictions that prevent him from reaching as far as he can and how he believes he can.

Capricorn in relationships

Anyone who tries to establish a relationship with Capricorn learns how difficult it is. These masters of practical facts and useful things often have too much pain in life to open easily.

This makes Capricorns closed, far and impossible to get. Although they are emotional inside, they rarely show and create a lasting relationship with someone. They need a lot of time to realise that they will not be betrayed.

Despite this, they are fully capable of a happy, spontaneous and quick relationship in their youth, and with age, they become more cautious and tend to close themselves in their little worlds, without the intention of letting anyone in.

Capricorn as a partner

When it comes to romantic relations, Capricorns seek a partner who shows absolute commitment to moral values, independent and strong, and at the same time able to recognise his emotional core. Capricorn is not easy to find a partner with whom he wants to share the future, but these are signs stable and reliable enough to choose the right people for long-term relationships.

It is a fact that they bring a lot of surprises in the relationship when they open, and their seemingly cold and far-off externality changes into a warm, cozy nature, which nobody could imagine.

Soft and more sensitive than many other characters, Capricorns build large security around their hearts and need someone sensitive, patient and close enough to see who they really are.

Capricorn as a parent

They are someone well-informed about the well-being of children, but often too much depends on outdated methods of education. He keeps on family traditions, often harsh and too rational, and this does not always fit well with the sensitive souls of the children who want emotional attention more than anything else.

Despite this, Capricorns are responsible and reliable, with good ties created on an emotional level, they can unbelievably support children. If they are deeply satisfied with their own path in life, they show their virtues through infinite patience and a calm, reasonable approach to taking care of children.

Capricorn as a child

A Capricorn child is sometimes just difficult. If he has carefree, liberal parents, it will be extremely difficult to understand his character because he can easily become disciplined at home.

Almost always, Capricorns have complicated relationships with their father, but the key from the beginning is working on their ego and love. Having many sources of self-esteem, these children take each comment, process it deeply and rarely meet its authority. They need a lot of patience, joy and care to communicate well and learn positive aspects of life instead of simply living a life without a purpose.

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