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Aries for fun

In childhood, Aries is a real living silver and synonymous with the word ADHD. Even before he comes into the world, he lets his mother kick and drill him because he wants to get out into the world as soon as possible and show everyone what he can do.

When he comes into the world, he does not become calmer at all, but on the contrary, he torments his surroundings with a scream of anger, which may mean that the Lamb does not want to lie in a crib, but to rattle and give in to everything.

At a later age, Aries must see everything and touch everything, everywhere it is full, and there is no place he would not reach. Unfortunately, he remains so forever … As an adult, Aries is still rampant, and even more, he wants to show his independence. He rebels against everything and everyone, sometimes not even knowing why, until he loses himself in it all. It may also turn out that he is rebelling against what he has been performing for a long time, which is often a mockery.

For him, however, everything is very serious, and he gives himself to everything with the same consistency, sometimes acting utterly meaningless, and if anyone tries to make him aware of it, he always has an argument … fists. In this way, Aries manages to convince everyone of everything. He loves to tease others, incite and distribute evil gossip.

His favourite activity is also frustration his companions, of which he has the strongest head, and then he has a lot of fun, mocking them for a long time. At the party, he wants to drink with everyone and is a golfer as a gutter level storyteller, so some people avoid him.

He also cannot avoid singing, although it rarely reaches more than bleating, so that at every social gathering he is the centre of attention.

When Aries falls in love, he is ready for all sacrifices and does not know this in moderation. He siphons with compliments like a sleeve, unfortunately not always happy ones. He gives his beloved person the tone of fake gold and stolen flowers. The appearance of the opposite sex is very important to him, which is why he is often seen surrounded by people who look like models and barely able to spell their own name. It does not bother him because thanks to that he can feel smarter.

On the next page, you will see which celebrities are in the Aries sign.

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