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Signs favourable to the Aries

Aries is one of the signs of the so-called fire trigger, to which Leo and Sagittarius also belong.

These signs represent great energy, enthusiasm, carelessness, impulsiveness, courage, willingness to take risks and joy of life.

They get along with each other best, that’s why these signs are the most favourable for Arians.

The Leo has qualities such as power, strength and great generosity. Courage and authoritarianism distinguish him, but also has a lot of tolerance, gentleness and compassion for others, to the extent that he can even be naive. He does not like to exert himself, but he never neglects his duties, and then he eagerly and for a long-time rests. He is an individualist and likes to emphasise his opinion, which is not easy to change even if he already sees that he is wrong. He is a big company, but only if he is not criticised, on the contrary – he prefers the company of sycophants rather than honest people, which may hurt him especially on professional grounds.

Female Leo can be a loyal wife, a perfect mother and a hot lover. She loves and can seduce, she is confident and likes to be adored. However, she will not give her heart to a man who does not impress her with life’s resourcefulness, wealth and high social position.

Male Leo is a great housecat, which makes him a great husband and father, although I must admit, it is not easy to entrap him. Before this happens, he eagerly flirts and seduces, is very amorous and loves the opposite sex. A woman who steals his heart must admire him and be fully devoted to him, and also appreciate his masculine vitality.

Sagittarius stands out with graciousness and openness. He works very quickly and dynamically; often without thinking. You cannot convince him that something is different than he thinks, he knows best and what is good for him.

The Sagittarius woman is sociable, enthusiastic and full of energy. However, she does not like housewife activities; she must pursue her profession. She is intelligent, so it is not difficult for her. She is loyal to her partner, but she pays a lot of attention to his features such as occupied position, possessions or manners, so it is not easy to seduce her.

Male Sagittarius loves freedom, which is why his woman cannot exert any pressure on him and must accept the margin of freedom that the Sagittarian always wants. It is not easy to entrap him because he is not afraid of permanent relationships, but if he falls in love and decides to establish such a relationship, you can be sure of his loyalty and devotion. Living with him, however, is not the easiest because it is difficult for a Sagittarian man to focus on a specific job and it takes a lot of forbearances not to go crazy with him.

Other signs of the zodiac that favour the Aries include Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio.

The neutral signs for Aries are Taurus, Aquarius and Pisces.

The signs of the Zodiac that are unfavourable to Aries are Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer.

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