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Aries are people who value activity, which they want to keep practicing for the rest of their lives and usually succeed, but only if they know how to look after themselves. Thanks to their mobility and willingness to play sports, they manage to avoid cardiovascular diseases and help them relieve nervous tension.

They should try to spend a lot of time outdoors, which can have a salutary effect.

Their sensitive point is, however, the head and ears, which is why you need to remember about their protection. Aries should not be exposed to excessive noise.

Arians feel terribly in a closed space, so working in an office, even the calmest one, can cause them stress, nervousness and migraines. It also makes them accumulate bad energy and emotions, which can often erupt.

To relieve this stress, they unload them with outdoor activities and playing sports, preferably their favourite discipline.


Aries usually do not admit to health problems, but poor nutrition can cause them. Rational nutrition will help them meet all the needs of the body and keep fit until old age.

Fats, meat and stimulants, with alcohol at the head are damaging, although Aries will usually very willingly reach for it on the occasions of social gatherings. Instead of fried food, they should consume cooked, carbohydrate-rich foods and proteins essential for the body. The best for them will be legumes, vegetable salads, white meat and fish.

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