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Aries – Strengths

Aries is brave and is considered the strongest sign of the zodiac.

He rushes forward without fear, ready to take on any challenge or fight every battle.

They also do not think about the past and do not dwell on things that have happened and no longer matter to them. Their great positive qualities are enthusiasm, optimism, independence, strength, initiative and sacrifice.

Aries – weaknesses

The greatest weakness of the aries born in the sign of the Sun is stubbornness. He never gives up without a fight, even if he is fighting for something impermanent or that he does not need at all. Not knowing how to stop, he can become inflexible and too proud to get it right.

When its boundaries are violated and he feels fear or anger, it shows its great temperament and solves the situation with a complete lack of subtlety. If, however, he manages to remain calm in difficult times, there is really nothing that would keep him in his way, but it does not always happen.

Aries in relationships

The most important thing about the Aries when it comes to relationships with other people is his understanding of respect. Aries have a deeply rooted ability to respect the opinions and choices of other people, even if they stick to their own to the extent that they would rather die than capitulate.

Their surroundings are big because they are warm, passionate, they need people and are always ready to help those in need. Their complicated desire to play a hero may even make them too humble towards others, and also tells them to do such things for relatives they do not want.

Aries will fight for love, no matter if it is love for a partner, friend or family member. He will protect and stand with relatives even in the most difficult times, even if he seems aggressive and too stubborn.

Aries as a partner

The Aries in a relationship is stubborn and full of strong will, but at the same time caring, warm and passionate. They need a partner who will be able to calm him down and he will easily forget the conflicts that will appear on their path.

Aries can be too dominant and exert a lot of pressure on a loved one. The high domination experienced during childhood also means that they are specific when it comes to their sexuality and the way they create intimate relationships.

Aries as a parent

Each Aries will have trouble adapting to the new-born, mainly because of the sensitivity and responsibility required by parenting. Usually, they rush towards new experiences in life,

Aries rarely understand the consequences of all their actions and can be too impulsive and demanding when it comes to relationships with children. Rarely, however, someone understands the importance of playing like a aries. Even if they seem stern and too serious, they often behave like a child and easily show their creativity in the life of their family.

Enjoying the return to childhood, he can build amazing relationships with children, introducing them to the world and growing with them.

Aries as a child

Aries need a lot of understanding and tenderness because of their high energy level and eloquent personality. It is especially difficult to understand that in some situations they should moderate their temperament. They do not understand the secret, the silence and blind obedience, and their anger causes a lot of trouble when exerting too much pressure.

Sincere and direct, they will respect and love their parents regardless of the circumstances. That’s why you have to keep their freedom intact and let their personality grow, even when they seem wild and rough.

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