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Like Leo and Sagittarius, Aries belongs to a fiery trombone, a group of characters whose element is Fire, which has a great influence on their character.

Fire causes people born in this character to be willing to help others, but sometimes they can also be dangerous.

Aries are a typical example of this because they do not avoid helping others and, in general, their actions are motivated by good intentions, but they can also be nervous, impulsive, impetuous and changeable, just like Fire.

By the presence of the Fire in their sign, Aries’ are also hospitable, and they care about their family, they are capable of making big sacrifices, are loving and are great as parents. At the same time, however, they are honest, sometimes too much, which is why they occasionally say unpleasant things to their loved ones.

For Aries, fire-related proverbs fit well. This is a typical feature of the Aries, which is particularly discouraged by the necessity of long-term efforts and long and patient waiting for profits. The proverb “to play with fire” is also adequate for this sign because they are not adverse to risk and taking on challenges, especially if the chances of success are very large. Another proverb, “catch up for fire”, meaning mobility, impulsiveness and nervous reactions, is also appropriate because Aries’ tend to impulsively act or dislike anyone who explains why they do something.

Guardian planet and Aries features

The planet-guardian of Aries is Mars, or the planet of the mythical god of war – the unbridled and threatening Ares. It is a symbol of the male element and everything that is associated with it, i.e., passion, masculine strength, and even aggression, anger, pride and arrogance.

Mars gives the Aries sign many distinctive features, both positive and negative. The former includes dynamism and strength of action, the will to fight and the obstinacy that makes Aries able to fight for their interests or goals even in the most difficult circumstances. This planet also makes Aries very consistent in action and faithful to the word that someone gives, so you can always rely on him and be sure that he will keep his word. Mars in the sign of Aries also gives him great temperament and creativity in the bedroom, so Aries are lovers who cannot complain about boredom.

As for the negative traits determined by Mars, Aries is, as mentioned, impulsive, aggressive, and also very impulsive. He often seems to regret his frivolous moves, but he cannot always fix their consequences. The aries can also be vindictive, and it is certainly difficult for him to forgive the pain and mistakes made by others.

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