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Aquarians have great natural energy and vital forces that do not leave them until a late age. They usually do not get sick, and certainly not seriously, but it is such an unusual situation for them that even a common cold because it meets them so rarely, pass hard as if it was something serious.

They can complain of back problems, which is usually the result of incorrect posture and high mobility. Their mobility every day keeps them in fairly good condition, they have a lot of strength and can overtake more than one person. They live for a long time and enjoy good health, even though they do not care about themselves, like drugs, alcohol and a very hygienic way of life.

It is important for them, first of all, to get to sleep, they also like to spend time outdoors, which is very useful for them.


People born in the Aquarius sign are lucky because they do not have to use any form of diet. No food harms them, and the innate good metabolism and mobility make them unaware of just what being overweight means; often they even impress with a great figure or are too slim. They like to eat and usually do not avoid it, and because they do not always have time for regular meals, they tend to eat infrequently and a lot, which sometimes may negatively affect their digestion and well-being, but it is not a big problem for them.

They like good food, especially spicy. There is always too little salt and spicy food. They love meat and junk food, and because they do not harm them as much as other signs of the zodiac, they do not have to beware of them too often. It is important, however, not to indulge excessively with alcohol, which may have a negative impact on their liver, as well as other issues.

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