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The element of Aquarius is the Air, which gives him, above all, a very restless character.

This person cannot sit still; he loves change and continuously wants to introduce it in his life. He appreciates intellectual stimulation because without it he falls into a routine, and this he cannot bear most things in the world.

He is unstable and variable, which unfortunately can also translate into his relationships – he usually ends them quickly until he hits the right person who will be able to entrap it. Outstanding intelligence and volatility also distinguish Aquarius.

He does not have to learn a lot for a long time, he is capable of nature, and everything comes to him easily. He is a type of loner; no one can get to know him completely, especially since Aquarius does not need it at all, keeping even the nearest people at a distance.


A nurturing planet and the features of Aquarius

The patron of Aquarius is the planet Uran, which gives him great strength above all. It manifests itself mainly in resistance to criticism, which means that these people do not do anything about the negative opinions of others and always follow their path.

It has both good and bad sides, but above all, it makes Aquarius certainly not fall into complexes because of someone’s critical opinions. Aquinas by the influence of Uranus also tend to be restless and often thrash around in life, trying different things before they find their way, but there is also the possibility that they will never find it and always to some extent feel unfulfilled.

Uranus also gives the Aquarius a certain dark side to the character, which sometimes makes him balance on the edge of the law, engage in dangerous or unhealthy matters.

Aquarians often fall into addictions, toxic relationships or otherwise harm themselves, although sometimes they do not want to accept it.

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