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Aquarius – favourable signs

Aquarians feel good when they lead a lonely life, and their partner is not necessarily needed.

If, however, they decide to engage in a relationship, it can be a successful relationship, provided they choose the right partner.

Ideally, it should belong to Aquarius, like Aquarius, and Gemini and Libra belong to him.

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Aquarius + Gemini

Gemini is not easily involved in relationships, and it is not easy to persevere in them. Intelligence, diligence and high mobility distinguish them. They also like changes, which often sees them involved in short-term relationships and it is difficult to keep them for longer, but when they succeed, they become very faithful and devoted – provided that they do not try to dominate them.

The Gemini woman is distinguished by a high sensitivity, which, however, can also take the negative form of impulsive reactions. She can be very loyal, but only if she meets an appropriate partner who will ensure her safe existence and be faithful.

Male Gemini do not want to settle down because he wants to experience and understand as much as possible, the woman of his life usually has to wait for him for a long time. Instead, he receives a fully dedicated and caring partner.

Aquarius + Libra

Their libra is fair, sensitive to beauty, very accurate, sometimes even exaggerated, as well as hard-working and sympathetic. You cannot dislike her, but you must be careful about her sometimes-exaggerated sensitivity. At the same time, she knows how to win fights and conflicts, life with her will definitely not be boring.

Her grace and intelligence, however, reward all problems, but you must be careful not to make a mistake that you will never forget, even if you forgive.

Male Libra loves flirting and can change, so it’s hard to trust him. It is accurate, it sees every detail and appreciates a comfortable, peaceful life. His partner must have a lot of patience.

The remaining signs of the zodiac are favourable to Aquarius: Cancer, Taurus, and Sagittarius.

The zodiacal signs for Aquarius are Aries, Scorpio and Pisces.

The signs of the zodiac unfavourable Aquarius are Virgo, Leo, and Capricorn.

Click here and see the detailed partner horoscope for the Aquarius sign

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