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Aquarius strong sides

Aquarius is intelligent, energetic and full of ingenious ideas, as well as human, honest, and oriented to doing good to humanity.

He shakes the world around him, inspires them to the changes they need, without fear of showing their individuality. Quirky and a bit strange, Aquarius is someone who is never boring, has many interesting anecdotes, exciting experiences and strange events that must be shared by amazing communication.

His imagination gives him unusual ideas and a brilliant mind; it is a collection of universal thoughts. Friendship for society gives him energy to work, stimulates his curiosity and makes him feel at home in any environment at any time.

It is also a very humane sign that worries the welfare of the whole human race, cares about the planet, mundane events and looks for ways to stop wars, poverty and animal torture.

Aquarius – Weaknesses

The greatest weakness of Aquarius is the lack of connection with the world in which he lives. Many of the representatives of the zodiac sign appears distant, lost, disconnected from everyone in their lives, and if they do not arouse a strong respect for the personality of these people, they may end up as lonely recidivists, rejected from those who surround them.

Each Aquarius must take care of his relatives and know that the well-being of the community should be balanced by the welfare of every human being on this planet. Aquarius loves his freedom and individuality more than anything else.

Although he likes his friends and is happy to be sociable, he rarely easily sinks into intimacy. He is also extremist because he does not care for his peace, he is always ready to see the world in black and white. He wants to be part of something big, and not give up on his daily activities. For this reason, he easily rejects everyday duties, becoming careless and unreliable.

Unique as a master of surprises, changes and thinking beyond the horizons, Aquarius will almost never be reliable and predictable, even with people who have known him for years. It has nothing to do with respect or the way he values ‚Äč‚Äčother people, but with a deep sense that it does not owe its time or effort to anyone.

Aquarius in relationships

When it comes to relationships, the Aquarius sign can bring a lot of stress and loneliness, and people born under it often overthink, feeling too little. They need constant excitement and change so that their lives do not become a boring routine that they will not be able to bear.

This prevents them from sticking to any relationship that makes life easier for many other signs of the zodiac. The best way to understand and love Aquarius is to move away from the need to control and sacrifice and hope that this particular person will find a reason to be present and given to someone.

Aquarius as a partner

When talking about a romantic relationship, Aquarius is not someone who in the long run is easily suitable for any relationship.

It is a sign that is often able to search for emotional excitement, but it is important to remember that this is a sign of constant quality, which makes Aquarius stable in the relationship.

If he is building a strongly intimate and yet intellectually stimulating relationship with another human being, he finds it difficult to leave when he realises that the spontaneous flow of things leads him to create a lasting relationship.

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Aquarius as a parent

As parents, representatives of the Aquarius sign can bring too much stress to their children’s lives. Regardless of what makes them different from the environment, it becomes a source of stress for those who still do not build themselves and do not understand the world.

However, they give a lot of space to their child to develop, get excited and really fascinated by mental growth. As teachers, healers and friends, these highly detached people will have trouble understanding a highly emotional approach when it is necessary because their rational mind does not allow them to make decisions, guided only by their hearts.

Aquarius as a child

In childhood, the children of Aquarius require a great intellectual presence and attention. It is important not to forget that in this sign the sun is low, and with it, the child’s ego and its built-up image may be low, while they are supposed to feel like the centre of the world.

Fighting for who they can become torments them if they have rigid, inflexible parents, and the stronger the child’s character, the more problems.

Aquarius children are brilliant, creative and innovative unless they are black sheep, outcasts in the family and those who cannot “adequately” behave among neighbours, guests or their parents. When they are loved as they are, they become liberators, modern thinkers and unbelievable people with endless possibilities.

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