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Aquarius horoscope for fun

Aquarius is a born dictator, which he does not fail to announce to the world in the cradle.

He can arrange all of them in a way that will not only help him but even serve, sometimes without knowing it.

He tries to pass as a slug to be tormented in everything, and it turns out that this is an effective method for life.

He loves to look after him and not only to do everything for him but also to think, only then he feels good.

You cannot rely on him in any case, and certainly he must not entrust any living thing to care, even if it was algae because Aquarius will not take care of anyone outside of himself. He is demanding and can enforce everything.

He has many friends, or rather people who consider themselves so, when they really serve him for various purposes, sometimes very sophisticated, like a whipping boy who sometimes thinks he is a partner.

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