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Taurus horoscope

Taurus horoscope

Friendly signs: Virgo, Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn.

Unfriendly signs: Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Lucky stones: topaz, sapphire, emerald.

Lucky colors: celeste, black, claret, vermillion.

The most suitable career: agriculture, gardening, law, banking, army, administration, industry, business, craft, education, culture, science.

People of Taurus are very determined and striving for success. They are reliable and practical. Not only do they precise their goals and aims clearly, but they also achieve them step by step. That makes every Taurus a success oriented person, who can be learned determination from. Their successes result of patience and the ability to avoid making mistakes.

The truth is – they are materialists, and all the material benefits motivate them to action. In professional life, they are great employees, as well as leaders, mostly because of their strong abilities and ambitions to achieve goals.

In relationships, people of Taurus are uneasy to live with – they are extremely introverted and people willing to be with them must be really determined. What’s more, their partners should be faithful, wise, intelligent, well-brought, tactful and hard working. They have to be able to impress the Taurus, which is not easy.

A Taurus shouldn’t get into a relationship with clumsy, chaotic and uncreative people, who care only about their own good. People of Taurus are very realistic and expect the same from their potential  partners. If they decide to be with somebody, such a relationship will be based on friendship, stability, mutual trust and friendship, which will satisfy both sides.

They have a highly developed sense of aesthetic, which they dedicate a solid part of their life to. It may be said that they want to discover and taste the life more than anybody else. They perfectly perceive art and culture, and make great art experts. Because of this, they often become art critics or even artists.

People of Taurus are very constructive, stubborn and consistent. Once they decide, there’s nothing which could change their mind. They happen to be calm and apathetic, but it only makes them fulfill their duties more carefully and accurately than other people, so they are great workers. To impress a Taurus, you don’t really have to have similar opinions on various matters. However, you should appreciate his point of view and ambitiously defend yours.

People of Taurus appreciate their opponents only when they represent similar level of knowledge or arguments as they do. Don’t bother to find sophisticated compliments for a Taurus- the best compliment will be appreciation of his/her effort and work, but also respect for his opinion.

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