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Taurus : friendly signs

taurus friendly signsSigns of the zodiac friendly to Taurus

People of Taurus have very expansive characters, are very diligent and stubborn, they know how to break stereotypes, fight with difficulties, and they usually achieve their goals. Patient and calm, they usually live in harmony, however, many situations expose their well-hidden nastiness and jealousy. They are loyal and good friends, that’s why it’s worth to get intro relationships with them.


Tauruses in relationships

She-Taurus is very kind, sympathetic and warm to others, especially in youth, as negative experiences gained with time expose her bad features. She is a great housewife, rather convenient, and although she doesn’t admit it, she likes living in luxury and sometimes spend  on this more than she can afford. Usually, she is surrounded by admirers and likes their compliments, but it’s hard to win her heart. She gets impressed by public admiration of her person, she likes to be sure that her partner loves truly only her, she also hates boring life. To satisfy her needs, it’s necessary to plan interesting holidays, provide fun, etc.

He-Taurus, on the other hand, likes to flirt and falls for women easily, is full of romantic feelings and expects his partner to be tender, which flatters his ego. He can be easily held by good cuisine and submission. Angry and irritated, he can be really scary.


The trigon of earth

Taurus, along with Virgo and Capricorn, belong to the trigon of earth, and he/she should stick to these signs. The pre-elementary meaning of the Earth was emphasized already by the ancient and medieval alchemists. People of the trigon of earth strive to achieve the top of their possibilities, are very intuitive and can use others to achieve their own goals.


A VIRGO is a person who is able to think logically, to asses the situation critically and express his/her thoughts clearly. She/he is also diligent and tactful, but can’t be spontaneous and improvisational. She/he hates mess, chaos, helplessness, as she/he is a well-organized and intelligent person.

She-Virgo is a great, faithful, elegant and responsible life companion. She is a monogamist, likes the closeness of her partner and his constant presence in her life, sometimes she may irritate him with her person. She likes culture and lives elegantly.

He-Virgo, on the other hand, is a faithful, caring and calm father, who always provides his children with everything they need. He’s rather reserved, his mind is practical, but he tends to adore his partner too much, he overvalues her advantages, which is often caused by having no one else to compare her to.


A CAPRICORN is a diplomatic person, who has predispositions to become a priest or a scientist. She/he is ambitious, determined, reserved and restrained in expressing feelings, can and usually succeeds in all his/her goals. She/he has a serious approach to life, is conservative and not afraid of demanding challenges, and also practical.

She-Capricorn is a typical traditionalist, well-organized, diligent and welcoming, brave in love and very responsible. She is attracted by responsible, calm, serious, sedate, provident and hard working men.

He-Capricorn, on the other hand, values family life and can be a good head of the family. He is practical, usually avoids flirting with many women at once, concentrating on one of them. Unfortunately, he is rather cold and hides his feelings, that is why his partner has to be patient and help him open to her.


Other signs of the zodiac friendly to Taurus

It is believed that other friendly signs, along with Virgo and Capricorn, are also Cancer  and Pisces.

Cancer is a person harmonious in business, friendship and marriage. This is the sign of teachers, prophets, consistent, determined, patient, tender, provident and caring people. Pisces are often submissive, kind, sweet, they don’t have their own opinions and are easy to dominate over, which Taurus may like.

Signs of the zodiac neutral to Taurus 

The neutral signs of the zodiac are: Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra.


Signs of the zodiac unfriendly to Taurus

The unfriendly signs of the zodiac are: Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius. A relationship with anybody of these signs may end up really violently.

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