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Taurus : character

taurus characterTaurus – character features

In astrology, people of Taurus are stable, which makes them determined, assertive, strong-willed and energetic. Their characteristic features are being stubborn, hard, diligent and persistent in decisions. They often happen to be calm and phlegmatic, which also makes them patient – it’s not easy to put them off balance. They are peaceful, hate every sing of aggression or competition, believe that it’s essential to enjoy the most pleasure aspects of life. They like having money and have a talent to multiply it.

People of Taurus are rather not emphatic, which makes them choose successful people for friends, they avoid losers. They are egocentrics, sometimes have too high opinion of themselves, which sometimes makes them ruthless and dominant over others.

The patron-planet of Taurus is Venus, which makes women of this sign very charming, beautiful, artistically talented (especially in music and singing). They love to be devoted to their family and value harmonious life….they are seldom rebels or emancipationists. Also men of Taurus are very talented – there are a lot of actors or musicians among them – for example, Bing Crosby or Fred Asair.

Family bonds are important for people of Taurus. As a result, they rarely get into affairs, devoting themselves to family life and… culinary pleasures. The last thing usually results in obesity, which people of Taurus tend to suffer from since the early age. They should begin to get healthy eating habits as early as possible, try to fight with laziness and learn how to be motivated to action.

Although they seem to be calm, they may be really scary when angry – sometimes, anger makes them literally unpredictable.

According to astrologers, people of Taurus are good for working in building or any production. Thanks to natural artistic talent, they may also prove useful on the stage, but also in administration, considering their diligence and scrupulousness.

Taurus as a partner

 He-Taurus values a lot peace and harmony at home. Taking care of his close people makes him very happy, especially when them – his wife mostly – express their tenderness, interests and remember about his likings, especially the culinary ones. He-Taurus likes to eat well, especially at home, spending not to much money on food, as he is provident and doesn’t like wasting hard earned money. That’s why he looks for a woman who appreciate similar values.

She-Taurus is an organized and decent woman, a good housewife, attached to her home. She values harmony, a good part and stability. She fulfills her duties carefully and has a big chance to succeed in life. Her partner must learn to accept the fact that she is stubborn and defends her opinion firmly, happens to be moody, capricious and demanding, and always likes to control everything.

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