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Horoscope pisces

Horoscope pisces

Pisces Period: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Friendly signs: Libra, Cancer, Scorpio.
Unfriendly signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aries.
Lucky stones: sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine.
Lucky colors: orange, yellow, green, celeste.
The most suitable career: education, health service, agriculture and gardening, culture.

People of Pisces are some kind of martyrs, who loves everybody but themselves. They are helpful, very creative, cheerful and loving, very sensitive to human’s pity. There’s nobody who Pisces would ignore. They are very indecisive, live in their own world of imagination, because the real one is too cruel and brutal, so they prefer to have their own one. They aren’t too realistic. They are extremely intuitive, sometimes even overly. Their imagination is very vivid, they also happen to be artistically talented, which is often expressed in many ways. The fact is, that nobody can overlook Pisces’ personality. People of Pisces are well-liked, often spend time among others, and feel irreplaceable. Their biggest disadvantages are: being unrealistic, masochism and tendency to addictions when they feel overwhelmed by problems and the whole world.

They are advised to pay more attention to the real world, even by watching news on TV, reading newspapers or listening about people’s problems and struggling with real life.

A perfect partner for Pisces should be caring, tender, sensitive, but also realistic and responsible. It’s the partner who should play the role of caregiver and take care of Pisces, and show him/her that he/she can’t be too unselfish, that he/she also should take from people, not only give them. He/she (the partner) also has to be very understanding to his/her whims, behavior, which may sometimes seem to be childish, pointless, but is the only one for Pisces which makes him/her feel safe.

It would be good if the partner would be able to take Pisces down a peg or two, however he/she has to do this gently and at a moment’s notice. In no case should Pisces be in a relationship with somebody despotic, overly strong, who uses his/her strength to make people do what he/she wants,and also a harsh, insensitive person, who won’t be able to understand Pisces’ needs and reality, and make him/her feel despaired.

Pisces may prove useful in such fields as health service – to help others, as well as widely understood culture – his/her sensitivity will make him/her a good painter, photograph or art teacher. However, people of Pisces shouldn’t chose career in trade, banking, and any others which require concentration and scrupulosity. They also shouldn’t get involved in anything which requires making hard, risky decisions, being in difficult environment, anything which could destroy the natural sensitivity and balance. They are also great gardeners – nobody takes such a good care of plants and are passionate about it as they do. Also because plants can’t hurt with words will make Pisces happy.

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