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Pisces : health and diet

pisces health dietPisces’ health

People of Pisces often suffer from lung diseases, have problems with the genitourinary system, and are also prone to leg colds and infections. They should protect their leg and feet from getting wet and cold, limit addictions – most of all smoking, as well as practise leg-strengthening sports, like, for example, running. They are also advised to do aromatherapy – best scents for them are violet, rose, heather, pine, mint or iris, which enhance mood and compose with their sign of the zodiac well.

Pisces’ diet

People of Pisces don’t eat much, but values the quality of food a lot. They intersperse it with starters and salads. Because of their proneness to liver ailments, they should chose light dishes and limit alcohol, which may be very serious in consequences. The freshness of meals are also important – people of Pisces must pay attention to it like of any other sign.

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