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Pisces’ character features

According to astrology, Pisces is a sign of the zodiac, which is very indecisive and often disappointed with his attempts to realize the ideals. People of Pisces tend to be changeable and weak, which is closely related to what’s going on with the nature when it’s the Pisces time – turn of February and March means turn of winter and spring, the time when vital powers begin to be released, and the life which is deeply hidden somewhere under the snow and ice in the center of earth begin to pulse slowly.

People of Pisces are kind, modest, polite and tender. They also tend to be melancholic and sad. They belong to idealists, who are dreamy, calm and understanding, ready for huge sacrifices. They are always welcoming, empathetic, sometimes even overly sentimental, which can be annoying to their surrounding. Their strengths are their ideals and dreams, and when it comes to actions, they are not too ambitious and don’t care about gaining power or a post. Unfortunately, financial successes don’t come easy to them, which is caused by being afraid of competing. They often chose life in loneliness and quiet – if their everyday life isn’t like this, they try to get away from people at lest on holidays.

They have problems with making decisions and choosing directions in matters. They often follow winding roads, but they eventually manage to draw correct conclusions. Although they are calm and agreeable in nature, it’s possible to put them off balance. They sometimes happen to get involved in embarrassing situations, but they somehow manage to save face like anybody else.

Unfortunately, people of Pisces ale prone to addictions. They feel well in the company of the closest friends, but awkward in crowded places, that’s why at parties, they drink to be more courageous, which may end up badly.

Although people of Pisces seem to be shy, fearful and bland, many of them, especially those who were born when the Sun was close to Aquarius or Aries, who are talented and internationally famous, for example N. Copernicus, F. Chopin, J. Washington, D. Livingstone, etc. Fields in which Pisces feel best are maths, music and foreign languages. They prefer freelance jobs – nothing seems more tiring to them than office work and following rules.

Pisces as partners

pisces as partnerHe-Pisces is understanding to his children, likes to spend time in their company and has a really good contact with them. He loves good food, his taste is sophisticated and the way to his heart is through his stomach. Although he seems to be a helpless man, he deals with critical situations perfectly and proves very creative. He is very intelligent.

She-Pisces is believed to be a quiet and calm person. It’s only at home where she shows her real face – she’s talkative, but also tender and sensitive, open to the closest people. Always faithful and devoted to her husband, she takes care of the feeling between them and believes love to be the most important issue. She doesn’t forget about the reality, is aware of her financial situation and wants to provide for her children’s future.

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